Galaxy projector: focus on this mood projector

Today, technology is evolving at breakneck speed. Every month, we therefore notice advances in almost all areas of assets and all very interesting gadgets. Among the many devices that arouse curiosity, we can distinguish the galaxy projector which is the subject of our article today.

What is the galaxy projector?

Also called planetarium projector, the galaxy projector UK is a tool that simulates a constellation of stars at 360 degrees. It takes the form of a bowl surmounted by a dome, has an elegant design, and is very compact.

The star projector comes with a remote control, USB cable and user manual. It should also be remembered that, to create this interior stellar effect, two technologies are brought into play:

  • Laser technology that displays the stars;
  • And the LED projection that recreates the nebulae of a galaxy with gas and cloud formations.

These two technologies put together created the perfect holographic system to restore the reliefs of a galaxy.

What are the features of a galaxy projector?

Like all electronic devices, the Projector Planetarium includes several cool features.

The speaker

Apart from these different projectors, the projector planetarium has an integrated speaker. Thanks to it, it can turn into an audio speaker to broadcast the music of your choice. To access it, all you need to do is:

  • Connect your smartphone to the speaker via Bluetooth by pressing the selection button. After which, the Galaxy Projector will broadcast your entire playlist, whether it is saved on your phone or your favorite music app (Deezer, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc.). ;
  • Toggle the selection button to USB, then plug your connecting device into the port provided.

The timer

The galaxy projector timer turns off the projector after an hour or two. But, this duration varies depending on the model. Some models can therefore hold more. For those who are often surprised by Morpheus, this feature can be very useful.

Projection technologies

Another cool feature of this device is undoubtedly its projectors. Indeed, this planetarium includes two projectors: the laser one and the LED one. The laser projector will reveal thousands of twinkling stars on your ceiling and on the walls of your room. As for the LED projector, it gives the right to a more nebulous atmosphere followed by a dynamic effect for total immersion in the galaxy.

In addition, they are perfectly adjustable. So you can choose from a wide range of colors, those that best match your mood. You can also

  • manage the lighting power and light intensity according to the three available levels: low, medium and high;
  • Vary the display mode;
  • Use laser projection, LED projection or both at the same time.

These two projections selected simultaneously will give rise to a constellation with color variations, which will undoubtedly remind you of the Northern Lights of the North Pole. What to do with full eyes, while staying warm at home. And it would be the best projector for daylight viewing.

Voice control and remote control

In addition to the buttons that regulate the operation of the galaxy projector, you can also make use of the remote control supplied with or more simply use your voice through the voice command. The latter allows you to change the display color according to the rhythm of the music. During your evenings with friends, you can create a sensation by clapping your hands to have a disco effect.

As for the remote control, it allows you to:

  • Activate or deactivate the integrated rotation function;
  • Turn on or turn off the galaxy projector;
  • Adjust the brightness;
  • Set the timer;
  • Adjust the sound.

Why take such a device?

Several reasons can motivate the purchase of the starry sky projector.

The galaxy projector for an evening with friends

Thanks to its Bluetooth connection, the galaxy projector is the perfect device to liven up your evenings with friends. With this one device, you have the sound and light effects that follow the beat of the music. You can therefore create a tailor-made atmosphere that will evolve with your desires. However, to fully benefit from this device, you must know how to use it.

At the time of the aperitif, for example, it will be necessary to turn up the sound and the lights to put everyone in the mood. On the other hand during meals, it will be necessary to lower the sound with a moderate light intensity and combine more classic lighting to enjoy the different dishes. After the meal, you can increase the sound while keeping the lights on to make all your guests dance. At the end of the evening, create an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation by reducing the sound and slightly varying the lights.

The galaxy projector to relax

The starry sky projector also offers the possibility of creating an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation. After a trying, complicated and stressful day, you just need to lie down on the bed or the sofa, and let yourself be submerged by the starry sky. If you need silence or don’t want to be disturbed, all you have to do is turn off the music. You can then indulge in meditation and calm.

The starry sky projector as a night light for children

Most children are afraid of the dark. To make them sleep, it is sometimes necessary to use a night light. In the trade, we find all kinds of night lights to brighten up the children’s room and comfort them at bedtime. One such toy is the Galaxy Projector.

You can also use colors as a visual cue for bedtime. A yellow light will mean that the child can still play or have fun. Blue lighting will mean it’s time to sleep.

The projector planetarium also presents an interest that we tend to forget. Because it simulates a constellation of stars and reproduces the galaxy, it can be used to discuss the concepts of space, planet, star, moon, and the solar system with younger children. In addition to appeasing the child, it is therefore of educational interest to awaken the child to astronomy.

The starry sky projector for video game nights

As you know, it is strongly recommended not to play video games in the dark. Why ? Well, because television screens have somewhat powerful lighting. When we are plunged into darkness, all this light tires our eyes. In addition, in total darkness, the pupils dilate to let in light. Consequently, the contrast between the black of the room and the light of the eyes is too great.

To adjust this fact, it is enough to adjust the brightness of the room by adding light lighting. And the galaxy projector can lend itself to this game. Thanks to the starry sky which it deploys, it reduces the aggressiveness of the lighting of the screen and amplifies the immersion in the game. ‘useful to pleasant.

How to choose your galaxy projector?

The galaxy projector is a popular product. There are therefore a multitude of these devices on the market. To choose the galaxy projector that meets these requirements, two main criteria must be taken into account: the color mode and the means of controlling the projector. Galaxy Lights Sky Projector comes comfortably clear of both criterias and has amazing features to enjoy.

The possibility of choosing the color mode is very important. Indeed, if the projector does not allow you to choose and the number of shades is limited to two or three, it will be very difficult to personalize the atmosphere. As for the means of controlling the projector, they are very crucial for ergonomics and handling. The basic models allow you to control the device with a remote control or manually. The advanced models offer the possibility of programming the galaxy projector on the light and sound side. Other high-end models allow the device to be managed directly on the smartphone, via the Wifi function.

The galaxy projector is therefore a multitasking device. It can serve as a learning tool, as it can be used to manage the atmosphere at various events. However, it does require certain precautions to be taken when purchasing it.

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