How To Avoid Neck Pain While Working From Home

Having a remote job may seem like a piece of cake, but having accompanying neck pain is guaranteed to make it more miserable than it needs to be. Being hunched over a desk, with limited movement and for an extended period of time, is bound to do a number on your neck. When you are at home with everything you need only a few steps away, it can be easy to stay hunched over with your neck craned for hours on end. Remote jobs can land you in a position where there is little walking on a day to day basis with limited stretching movement. All of these factors could play into developing neck pain overtime working at your stay-at-home-job.

Symptoms of Neck Issues

Many factors could play into why you have neck pain while working at your desk job at home. What can strain the neck muscles the most is having poor posture – and I don’t mean just when walking. Being hunched over a computer and craning your neck will inevitably strain your neck muscles and cause you pain. Some symptoms you might be feeling when it comes to these strained neck muscles and neck issues could be getting headaches, tightening neck muscles or spasms, or pain when holding your head in a certain position. All of these symptoms indicate neck issues that can be prevented if these pain tips are to be implemented while you are working from home.

Pain Prevention Tips

A good rule of thumb to help prevent neck pain from your neck staying in one position too long is to get up and move around every 45 minutes or so. It is important for posture and blood flow to get up, stretch, and move to different positions. There are some basic exercises and stretches that you can do right at your desk in your house to improve your circulation. Some of those include jumping jacks, sit ups, or pushups. Those simple exercises can mean the world of difference when it comes to neck pain. You can also choose to stand for periods of time to help avoid neck pain or even small standing breaks for your stand of 30 seconds to change position and get blood flowing again.

Another prevention tip that can help prevent neck pain would be to set up your computer higher. If your screen is up higher, you are less likely to hang your head to stare at your screen which would even further strain your neck muscles. Putting your computer up higher will help, but keeping your head in any position for too long will be hard on your neck muscles. Any motion will be beneficial for your muscles and joints and will help you to avoid unwanted neck pain so that you can be more comfortable at work.

When To See A Professional

While neck pain might seem pretty minor, there are cases that it can turn into something more severe. If neck pain is ever accompanied by pain, it is time to see a professional. Rexburg neck pain can help in alternative strategies to relieve severe neck pain and you get back on your way. Neck pain can impact how you do every day activities like working or driving, so it is important to get treated. Physical therapy can be a great alternative to consider before jumping to conclusions of surgeries that might be recommended for neck pain. Check out neck pain Rexburg if you struggle with any of these issues while working from home.

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