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How to Get Celebrity Voices with Text to Speech

Are you interested in sounding like one of your favorite celebrities? You may also want them to sing you Happy Birthday in a lifelike, realistic voice. Well, text to speech voices are just the thing! There’s an easy way to get celebrity sounds without voice actors. All you need is an AI celebrity text to speech voice generator.

In this article, we’ll show you how easy it is to get celebrity voices in just a few clicks. Additionally, we’ll introduce some of the best speech synthesis apps for creating natural-sounding voices.

How Do I Text to Speech Celebrity Voices?

With text-to-speech (TTS), you can type whatever you want and then hear the voice of your chosen celebrity in real time. This technology is often used in memes on social media. Depending on what you type, you can even create videos of celebrities saying it. Additionally, there are many apps that provide celebrity voices in different languages, including Spanish, Turkish, and Portuguese. If your favorite celebrity isn’t English, you can still have natural-sounding voices.

What is the Most Popular Celebrity Text to Speech 

If you’re looking for capable TTS options that offer the most natural voice, here are some of the best apps:

TopMediAi Text to Speech

TopMediAi Text to Speech is an online text to speech tool that blends AI text and custom voices to create high-quality sounds. It offers TTS, STT, convert, record, edit voice file, and even voice cloning.

It currently has more than 3,200 voices, including celebrities like Donald Trump, Joe Biden ect. also support 70+ languages. The app is simple to use, enter or paste the text you want to convert to celebrity voices, and then select the language and voice type, after which you will get native and realistic celebrity voices quickly. You can download the sound file (support OGG, WAV or MP3) to apply it to videos created later.


The FakeYou online tool allows you to automate celebrity text into voice using speech technology. It currently has 2,335 voices to choose from.The app is also easy to use. Select the voice you want (which you can narrow down by categories) and enter your text. You’ll get natural-sounding speech in no time.

As mentioned above, FakeYou also offers lots of celebrity video templates that you can add text to. You can also sign up to add videos and images to which you can add a voiceover.


Uberduck is another simple text to speech tool. It also offers TTS, commercial use voices, and voice cloning.

It works similarly to TopMediAi – you choose the voice you prefer, type your text, and Uberduck generates the audio. The sound can be downloaded and added to videos at a later time.

Uberduck has a large community of users who contribute to their voice pool. More than 5,000 voices are currently available through the tool.

Celebrity Voice Changer 

The Celebrity Voice Changer app is available for iOS and Android devices. It is also available for Microsoft and Apple devices. It’s not exactly text to speech, but rather an app that lets you record your own voice and then change it to the voices of celebrities.

You can download the app for free, but you’ll have to make an in-app purchase to use all features and unlock all the voices. Celebrity Voice Changer doesn’t let you save audio files in the WAV format. 

In Conclusion

We have shared some best AI celebrity text to speech, you can use text-to-speech tech to get celebrity voices. Although all text to speech voice generators above are best in their way, we suggest TopMediAi Text to Speech as the best AI voice synthesizer.

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