How to Know Someone’s Live Location (iPhone)

Seeing someone’s location on iPhone is now possible as Apple has made iOS devices more connected. Apple has built-in features that allow you to track the location of one’s iPhone. In addition to Apple’s native location-tracking features, several third-party tools exist. With third-party tools, you can extract a friend’s iPhone location history and track their current location.

Methods of Tracking a Friend’s iPhone Location

The last thing you want is accusations from family or friends that you’re tracking their devices. You want to stay anonymous and undetected when tracking an iPhone user’s location. While there are many methods to accomplish this, here are the three basic options to consider.

Find My Phone

Find My Phone is the built-in location tracking service by Apple. The feature integrates iCloud and supports tracking stolen or lost iPhones. It’s quite limiting because an iPhone must be connected to an iCloud account. If the current iPhone user disconnects the device from iCloud, you can’t continue tracking the device’s location.

Activate this feature on the target device by heading to the settings and then the iCloud function. Whenever you want to see the location of the iPhone, log in to the iCloud account linked to the target device from your computer or mobile phone. For detailed information on how to activate the Find My Phone feature and track someone else’s iPhone location, read this article.


FamiSafe is a user-friendly yet reliable application that lets you remotely extract the location history of a friend’s or family member’s iPhone. You’re getting all this information undetected without leaving footprints to incriminate you. With FamiSafe, it’s even possible to extract app usage logs and the browsing history of the target iPhone. In fact, this is the most recommended application for parents to track the whereabouts and activities of their kids.

The FamiSafe location tracking service is quite efficient and includes geo-fence and real-time positioning features. In other words, you can see the current location of the person you are tracking and the places they previously visited. It has both a free and paid version.

You’ll have to install FamiSafe on your device and the device you’re tracking. If you don’t want the person of interest to detect your monitoring activities, hide the FamiSafe app. Tap and hold the FamiSafe app after installation to hide it. To remove it from the app library, delete it from the home screen.

Unfortunately, FamiSafe isn’t available to users all over the world. If the app does not work in your location, you might need rotating proxies to unlock it. A static proxy will work, too.


Life360 is a location-tracking service by a California-based American information technology firm known for offering high-quality location-sharing services. The app supports multiple devices, whether running on Android or iOS. With Life360, you can extract the exact, real-time locations of family members and friends. You can even tell the speed at which they are moving.

Life360 lets you apply geo-fencing rules, enabling you to know when a kid or loved one leaves or enters specific locations. Life360 has a free and paid version with premium features you do not want to miss. Paid app features include access to a live advisor, emergency roadside assistance, and stolen phone insurance.

Bubbles is a premium Life360 feature that lets users put off tracking activities for some time. The person being tracked can hide their location for a set time frame of 1 to 6 hours and a distance of 1 to 25 miles. Users who have activated Bubbles cannot be tracked when they are within the radius they set and for the time they choose.

Wrapping Up

So many reasons push people to want to see the location of a person they hold dear, be it kids, family members, or friends. It could be a case of conflict of interest between a parent and child. It could also be due to intolerable habits, where a partner is cheating or not committing to marriage vows. Someone might simply worry about their loved one’s well-being. Whatever the reason for wanting to track an individual, make sure to research the best ways to see their location anonymously. For iPhone users, the above are some of the best methods to monitor their location.

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