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How to Tell the Difference between Bed Bugs vs Mosquito Bites? – Simple Ways

Residents of Toronto know that mosquitoes are among the peskiest insects that can cause sleepless nights, while also spreading diseases. Bed bugs are also other insects that don’t allow you and your loved ones to stay peacefully. However, how do you tell the difference between a mosquito and a bedbug bite?

Remember that these bites are from small different creatures, so there must be some difference.

Bed bug bites

Like other bites, different people react differently to bedbug bites, and it may take several hours or even days before they start showing up. While for others, it may start showing up immediately. To some people, bedbug bites will be both itchy and irritating while others will experience a painful and more swollen reaction.

Although very rare, severe allergic reactions may develop and this may include anaphylaxis which is characterized by a feeling of your throat closing up. This can affect the entire body, and if not attended to can be life-threatening.

Persons would get several bed bug bites at a time and this may be in groups of three or five. These bites will be red-colored and mostly itchy, and can sometimes develop blisters at the top side. Since they primarily survive on blood, bedbugs will be active at night and the bites are most likely to show up in areas that have been exposed. Bed bugs need to eat once after every 14 days since this is necessary for them to mate and produce eggs. But when there is no food, they can survive for several months or years without eating.

Mosquito bites

For mosquitoes, it’s only the females who bite, and for them to cause any reaction the mosquito bite should last for at least 6 seconds and enough of its saliva should enter your skin. Consult with mosquito control Toronto and you will know the best method that you can use to protect yourself against mosquito and other insect bites.

Bites by a female mosquito resemble red pumps with punctures in the middle and if someone is sensitive, this may lead to some raised areas or even produce welts. The bites will each, but this depends on how your body’s immune system responds to the saliva that the mosquito left there. Mosquitoes mostly will bite during darkness and among the things that attract them are warmth, carbon dioxide, and human sweat.

Differences between bed bugs and bites

Here are the features that differentiate bites by a mosquito and bed bug.

1. Appearance

Bites by bed bugs form a certain pattern which may be a zigzag or a line and would be mostly in those areas of the body where a person exposes at night while sleeping. Mosquito bites are somewhat isolated and appear at random on the parts of the body which are not covered by clothing.

2. Reaction time 

Most people seldom feel bites by bed bugs and may take several days before they start appearing. If the amount of irritation is less, these symptoms would finally resolve after a few days.

3. Infection

Other than the irritation and itching, mosquito bites may lead to the spreading of certain diseases, and among them are malaria, zika, and dengue fever. There is no available evidence that points to bed bugs spreading ailments.

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