How to Watch EPL in USA: 5 Best and Cheapest Ways Suggested!

How to watch EPL in USA?

The Premier League in the United States can be followed in a variety of ways. The Premier League, often known as the English Premier League, is the most well-known soccer league in the world (EPL). The league has a global audience of approximately 5 billion people. Below is our recommendation of the best and cheapest way to watch EPL in USA.


Go to ANZfootball.com to watch football on tv today. This is the best way to watch Premier League in USA. It broadcasts matches from the world’s top leagues, including elite teams from the world’s top leagues. ANZFootball offers a responsive user interface, as well as HD 1080p, live football streaming.

Anzfootball is the cheapest way to watch Premier League in USA for soccer fans who have cut the cord but still want access to a large number of live TV channels. At ANZFootball, you can choose from monthly, quarterly, or yearly packages. ANZFootball currently only accepts credit card and PayPal payments.


  • The full 1080p Live broadcasting
  • English translation
  • Cheap price from only $4/month
  • Multiple tournament options
  • 24/7 support


  • Only by upgrading your account will you be able to view in full-screen mode.
  • Users are only allowed to log in to one account on one device.

Visit: https://anzfootball.com/en/

Sling TV

Sling Blue costs $35 per month. It provides select NBC markets as well as the vital USA Network for Premier League fans. Sling Blue also offers a sports bundle with access to a range of domestic leagues for an additional $5 per month. Soccer fans may like beIN SPORTS, which broadcasts, among other things, the CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores and Ligue Un. Sling Blue and Sling Orange, which contain ESPN’s coverage of Major League Soccer, are also available for $50 per month.

Returning to the Premier League, Peacock is required to attend all ten games on each match day in the United States. Although this package costs $4.99 per month, there are ways to save even more money when purchasing it with Sling and the Premier League.


  • Solid selection of channels for the price
  • Numerous choices and add-ons


  • Package options can be confusing
  • Limited DVR

YouTube TV

Google’s live TV streaming service, YouTube TV, has continuously shown to be one of the finest in the years since its initial launch. While the service’s price has nearly risen since then, it has also introduced a slew of new features and remains a better option than any of its premium competitors, including Hulu Plus Live TV, FuboTV, and DirecTV Stream. YouTube TV provides three simultaneous streams of NBC, CNBC, and USA Network, as well as a personal cloud DVR. All of this comes at a monthly cost of $64.99.


  • Many channels 
  • Superb cloud DVR
  • Excellent on-screen interface and handy search bar


  • Costly
  • $20 upgrade doesn’t include much 4K content

Fubo TV

FuboTV, which began in 2015 with a concentration on soccer, has since grown to become one of the leading cable TV alternatives. The entry-level Pro Plan, which costs $70, offers over 120 channels, including the major broadcast and cable networks, as well as the capability for 4K streaming for some programming.

FuboTV is a simple, well-designed interface and provides 250 hours of cloud DVR storage. Finally, it is the greatest alternative for you if you are willing to pay a few dollars extra per month to develop a more comprehensive channel guide.


  • A huge number of channels
  • Niche sports networks
  • Some 4K content


  • No Turner channels (CNN, TBS, TNT, etc)
  • No A&E channels

Hulu TV

Hulu with Live TV is one of the best streaming options for how to watch EPL games in USA. It allows you to watch some of your favorite cable channels live as well as many of your favorite cable shows on demand. Unlike other cable alternatives, Hulu’s live TV offering seamlessly integrates with its current robust subscription streaming service (which is included in the cost).

Hulu with Live TV costs $70 per month. Given the rising cost of ESPN Plus, Hulu with Live TV is currently one of the most appealing ways to subscribe to the sports streaming service. Hulu’s decision to offer limitless cloud-based DVR, on the other hand, is what really elevates it in my opinion.

Hulu with Live TV stands out for being lively, easy to use, good at suggesting new content, and cheaply priced. Hulu with Live TV is currently not the best cable option due to a slew of advertisements, a wobbly user interface, and a slew of expensive extras.


  • Attractive interface
  • Good channel selection
  • Exclusive programming
  • An unlimited DVR cap is a great addition


  • Lots of menus
  • Advertisements everywhere


Above is our response to the question, “how to watch EPL in USA?” More and more people are viewing games on their connected TVs, laptops, cellphones, tablets, and legal streaming services. You do not need to keep a cable or satellite TV subscription, which is a plus.

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