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Introduction To Lost Ark, With Tips And Tricks For Beginners

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It has finally become possible for the Korean MMORPG Lost Ark to make its way to the West with its complex gameplay. Besides sailing, leveling, PvP, collecting collectibles, and even building your own island stronghold, the game has a lot to offer players. We can provide you with all the information you need to get started in the world of Arkesia and what you need to focus on.

Get Access To All Classes

If you don’t like the class that you are currently playing in Lost Ark, you may decide that you don’t want to continue it in the future. There is no need to be intimidated by the prospect of taking your first class. You should choose a playing style that suits the way you like to play. Depending on your role, you might have to fight from a distance with a gun or magic. You might also have to brawl up close and personal or provide shields and heals to your party in battle.

There should be no influence of leveling speed on the choice of a class. You may have to play slowly during the leveling process. As soon as you reach level 50 and unlock the endgame content, you no longer have to worry about your advancement rate. Among the classes that can be slow in leveling up are Bards, Paladins, and Gunlancers. These classes are all valuable in the endgame, regardless of how long it takes to level them up.

Roster Bonuses: Don’t Forget

As a player, you can obtain rewards for all your characters within the same world in Lost Ark. You will also get tips for individual characters on your roster. Lost Ark will warn you when claiming a bonus that the bonus is bound to one surface only. To claim single-character rewards, you must get an authentic feel for your class once you thoroughly grasp it.

It is still possible to claim numerous bonuses on Lost Ark for every character registered on one server. You may see a lot of red circles on the bottom right of your screen as your feelings level up. You must claim Roster levels, Rapport, titles, and many other bonuses before taking advantage of them.

Make Use Of The Many Travel Options Available

A tripod can be used to teleport to and from another continent when you’re on the same continent. Even though teleporting costs Silver, there are various ways you can earn Silver. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about using Silver to get there as quickly as possible. If you would like to teleport to a Triport, you simply need to click on the Triport icon on the main map. You can also hold Alt while clicking on the tabbed map, and you will be teleported there immediately.

To get a better view of Arkesia, you should ride your mount whenever you can. Once you complete the prologue, you are granted your first mount; place it on your Hotbar for easy access. Use the dash function on your keyboard to make your move faster.

To travel between continents, you must start crossing the seas as the story progresses. If you visit a Triport in a continent’s port city, you can bypass the need to sail by taking an ocean liner. There is a small fee associated with each ocean liner, but it is much faster than sailing between ports.

Reset Your Skill Points For Free

The skill tree can be reset whenever you wish in Lost Ark for free, so you can choose to reset it whenever you want. When you level up a skill you don’t like, you can always revert to that skill combination and find a variety that will work better for you. There are so many different builds that you can try out without worrying about changing your appearance. It is also possible to save skill presets to switch between forms at your convenience at any time.

Lost Ark Gold

There are many reasons why you need to grind for hours to get the Lost Ark Gold you need. This is whether it is for upgrading gear, skill points, buying consumables, or many other gold sinks in the game. Purchasing a shiny brand-new weapon or a few potions can be exhausting. This is why marketplaces exist for Gold. They help players escape that exhausting grind and get to the fun part of the game, namely exploring Arkesia and killing demons. It is significant to note that gold is one of the most essential resources in Lost Ark as it is used to purchase various items at the auction house. However, buy Lost Ark Gold from the official stores is also time-consuming and expensive.

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Feathers, Hold On

If you die, you can revive at your death spot without running back to where you were. It is common for you to have an abundance of them in a Chaos Dungeon or Guardian Raid at the quest’s beginning. However, if you overuse them, they can become limited commodities. Even though Phoenix Plumes can be obtained through side quests and other means, they are somewhat precious once obtained in a Chaos Dungeon or Guardian Raid.

For Leveling, Stay With The Main Story Questing

To reach level 50 as quickly as possible, you must follow the main quests marked with a downward-pointing orange arrow. These are marked on your map and quest log.

While progressing through the story, you will also find several side quests you can complete. These side quests will reward you with valuable rewards. In Lost Ark, side quests can boost all of your characters as you progress through the game.

When a quest is part of a chain quest line, the chain link symbol appears behind the exclamation point. You do not have to complete every quest out there, but you should check out the tips to see if there is something you want there. You don’t have to complete every quest out there, but you should check out the directions to see if there is something you like. The chain quests contain a series of inquiries you need to accomplish to receive a significant reward.

While you can get to level 50 by completing side quests, you are much more likely to do so by completing the main quests.

Discover At Your Own Pace

For a new player, Lost Ark has a lot of quests and activities to experience. You can level up your trade skills and do every side quest you can imagine, or you can race to level 50 to reach the endgame as quickly as possible. There’s no need to worry about falling behind other players since you can watch every cutscene or skip the story. Experience everything Arkesia offers, and don’t let others dictate how you play Lost Ark.

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