iPhone 12: Apple recognizes wireless charging problem

  • Apple’s teams are working on a fix that is expected to arrive soon.

With its new batch of iPhones, Apple has highlighted the compatibility of the iPhone 12 with wireless charging since the American company has released in parallel its first charger by induction, the MagSafe.

However, this was not an innovation since the iPhone is compatible with this technology since the Model 8. Moreover, the functionality of the iPhone has been somewhat criticized by many users.

Many new iPhone 12 owners have complained that their smartphones don’t recharge when using a third-party wireless charger, unlike their previous iPhone. A situation that is difficult to explain. According to several accounts, restarting the device temporarily corrects the problem, but it is still very annoying since users do not know when it will manifest.

Until then, Apple had not yet communicated about it and, officially, the U.S. firm has still not done so. However, it is now known that the problem is known to Apple since the firm’s apple service confirmed to a customer that the firm’s teams were working on a fix, reports 9to5mac.

Apple would therefore be well aware of the problem and should provide a fix shortly via an iOS update. The latter would therefore be a software problem and not hardware. If that had been the case, Apple would certainly have implemented a program to replace the iPhones involved.

Alex Canfield

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