Is A Water Flosser As Good As Flossing?

What would you do if you had to choose between water flosservs string flosser? Is cordless water flosser the right choice for upgrading your oral health? The answer is Yes. Water flosserhas become the latest trend in oral hygiene and gives you even better results than simply brushing your teeth or using the well-known string flossers, it is the one remaining strong and giving you more chances to remove plaque and debris from your teeth, while at the same time it can whiten your teeth to make them reach their initial tone.

Today it would be better to take a deep dive to the comparison between the water flosser and the traditional string flossing. Even though the differences are huge, many people remain reluctant to use the water pressure and have their teeth cleaned in a new and transparent way. Recent studies have shown that waterpik flossers are at least non-inferior to string flossers and give people better chances to retain their oral health for many more years. They also slow down the gingivitis process and tooth decay, that is among the first reasons people visit their dentists and remove their permanent teeth. Let’s see why it’s always better to use water flossing and how this could benefit your oral cavity health and tooth appearance.


Removes More Plaque Than String Flosser

You may not be aware of it, but using a waterpikcould remove more plaque than traditional string flossers. Some people try to remove plaque from their inner teeth surfaces mechanically, and they have poor results since the brush can never reach all the tooth parts due to the oral anatomy restrictions and limitations. Using the water pressure, people can aim anywhere in their mouths. Shutting their throat will allow them not to swallow the removing plaque debris. Soon after they apply the water flosser, they will feel that the plaque removes easily and in layers. That is the best result you can have when using the water flossers than using string flossers which can still miss some sensitive spots and do half the job you intend to do.

It’s more Economical in the Long Term

Buying string floss will cost you less than a dollar, but if you do so for the rest of your life, it will come up to a significant cost. However, you may need to invest in a water flosser once in your life and use it for the rest of your lifetime. That waterpik flosser like the Binicare one is robust and needs no maintenance to work. You only need to connect it to the power grid and give it some water to work. All the rest you will leave it to water pressure that can easily remove plaque and food residues from your teeth, gums, and interdental spaces. After several years of continuous use you will soon realize that buying the water flosser actually is more economical than replacing the string flosser on a weekly basis.

It Can Clean Your Tongue and Oral Soft Tissues

Don’t forget that waterpik flossers may easily remove stains from your teeth and keep your tongue and soft oral tissues clean from food debris and plaque. That is something you can’t do with traditional cleaning means like string flossers. The latter has the limitation of use only in the interdental spaces and cannot have any use on your tongue or cheeks. Using the water flosser daily will make you more confident that your tongue remains clean. That is another reason to improve your dental and oral hygiene, mainly because your tongue could accommodate more bacteria than you initially thought. A clean tongue can give your teeth better hygiene and reduce the chances for gingivitis and periodontitis, two of the main reasons people visit their dentist and lose their permanent teeth.

Keeps Your Teeth Surfaces Extra Whitened

Besides, you can expect to remove food stains from your teeth. You may need to use it more efficiently on your side teeth surfaces or the tongue surfaces of your teeth. However, after you get used to the amount of water pressure you should apply to your teeth, you will find the optimal balance of your water flossing. It has been proved that people using a waterpikafter brushing their teeth have more viable chances to restore the initial white color of their teeth than people who only use string floss. That trend applies not only to the frontal teeth but also to the hard-to-check rear teeth. If you have a family member help you with positioning and directing the water spray on your rear teeth surfaces, you will come up having a perfectly white teeth series that will look better and relent the visits to the dentist.

Reduces Chances For Urgent Oral Surgery

Urgent oral surgeries usually happen to people who neglect their oral hygiene and accumulate much plaque and bacteria on their rear teeth. These are the teeth they lose first because of the immense decay due to the incapacity of string flossing to reach the place. With the use of water flossing, you have more chances to clean these teeth and ensure that you will not have the need for an urgent dental surgery that could cost more and be more painful for you.

Keeps Gum Bleeding To a Lesser Point

Finally, gum bleeding will never be the case to stop your constant oral hygiene routine when you use a waterpik. Previously, people could have some serious gum bleeding when using the string flosser, especially when choosing the wrong size for their interdental spaces. Today the water flosser gently removes plaque and food debris from your gums. Additionally, it can massage the gums to such an extent you will be thrilled with their robust appearance after every treatment. Water flossercan guarantee your oral hygiene and make your gums and teeth more time resistant, provided that you have to eat food daily and aggravate the teeth and gums.

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