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Is it possible to live happily if you have diabetes?

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Diabetes mellitus occurs when there is a deficiency of insulin in the body or due to its low biological activity. It is a chronic disease, leading to disorders of the blood vessels and all kinds of metabolism. We will tell you what this disease is and how to live with it.

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How to identify diabetes?

If you suddenly notice a constant feeling of thirst, rapid weight loss or gain, dry mouth, frequent urination, pustular skin lesions that do not heal for a long time, inching, inflammatory genital diseases, discoloration of the elbow areas, rough skin of the feet, fatigue, reduced vision, and decreased performance, go to the doctor to measure blood glucose levels. The critical mark is 7.0 mmol/l. Doctors also note an intermediate state of glucose levels called prediabetes when sugar levels are between 5.5. and 6.0 mmol/l.

What should you do if you have diabetes?

Don’t be afraid of high sugar levels. In such a situation, it is important to set yourself up for daily work on yourself and your habits. Of course, an endocrinologist must warn you about all the complications. With a long course of diabetes, there are lesions of the blood vessels and the progression of atherosclerosis of the major vessels, including the brain. Disrupted blood circulation in the legs occurs especially often. Intermittent claudication is one of the first symptoms of this phenomenon. So don’t associate all these symptoms with fatigue or age-related changes but follow all the recommendations of your doctor. An endocrinologist will prescribe the necessary tests and choose a treatment regimen.

What does a treatment regimen consist of?

A treatment regimen consists of more than just a medication schedule. You are also told how to eat right, how to introduce physical activity into the daily regimen, and how to develop a good attitude toward the diagnosis. Patients are often shy in society and feel uncomfortable when saying “now, thanks, I can’t eat that” or “no, no, no, sweets are not for me”. But you have to understand that there is nothing to be embarrassed about and you don’t have to deny yourself in an active life. There is a wide variety of foods and activities suitable for diabetic patients. Moreover, you don’t have to bring your diagnosis up every time. Ask friends and family not to touch this topic. You can also come up with a universal form of polite refusal to someone’s offer to try a cake. Don’t forget that diabetes has a hereditary predisposition so we recommend you to gradually transfer the entire family to your menu.

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