Key Duplication: The Art and Science Behind Creating an Exact Match

Sometimes, you find yourself jiggling your key for it to work fine. You even move it a bit out of the lock before turning it. For thosе who do not havе a sparе kеy,  havе you еvеr thought about what would happеn whеn you gеt lockеd out? 

It could bе thе right timе to visit a locksmith to gеt a duplicatе kеy madе.  Keys commonly consist of brass or a nickel-brass alloy, and lock pins are also made of brass. Keys and pins do wear out over time. 

Furthermore, spare keys should be kept on hand (possibly with a trusted family member, friend, or neighbor) in case you get locked out or require a friend or family member to access your home for whatever reason.

This article will discuss some details about duplicating a key as part of the services Miami Locksmith renders. Firstly, let us jump into how key duplication happens.

How Duplicated Keys Are Made

The original key is inserted in a tool alongside a blank key. The key guide, also known as the alignment bar, ensures that they are properly aligned. The key duplicator then cuts through the empty key while using the original key as the model. After the tool has made a replica, a lock expert will sand the duplicate to ensure it is identical to the original. 

Most of the keys we have today are made of brass or a nickel-brass alloy. Your lock technician will select the appropriate blank key to match the existing one. For duplications, it is critical to always use the original key. Each key has a different deep cut alongside its distinct etchings. Duplicates will be more accurate if the original key is used.

How precise is the key that must be copied? When keys become worn out, they must be identified before duplicates are made. One shouldn’t generate a duplicate key unless the original is available. You might be wondering why you should have a professional lock technician duplicate your key rather than using a self-service terminal. 

The explanation is straightforward: there is no way of knowing whether the equipment is frequently calibrated and maintained. Due to the fact that these terminal machines used to cut a key will likely degrade functionality over time, your duplicate key may not really be a duplicate. 

Just like every cabinet in our kitchen will degrade over time, you will need a professional to help transform your oak kitchen cabinet into a modern look. Likewise, these stands cannot select the ideal blank, unlike a lock tech. When replicating your key, we recommend using a Miami Locksmith competent service.

How Much Time Does It Take To Make A Duplicate Key?

A competent locksmith can copy a standard key correctly in a matter of minutes. A more difficult key may take up to 25 minutes to duplicate. The time it requires to get a key replicated can vary depending on where you go.


Without the original key, a duplicate key can possibly be created. You have to speak with a licensed locksmith who can use a code cutter to figure out the slot depths of your lock’s key code if you don’t have the original key or it has become too worn down over time. 

This will help the locksmith determine how to cut your key to ensure a good fit. We do not advise, as previously said, creating an exact duplicate key without the original key.

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