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Kilts for Men – Types of Kilts for Men | Scottish Kilt

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What is a kilt?

A kilt is an outfit that has so much value and was very renowned and reputed in Scotland. it was designed as their national dress and is called kilts for men (known as kilt homme in french). It is very really famous among Scottish highlands and is also really reputed in the Irish culture. It originated in the 16th century. By far this is the most renowned piece of clothing in Scotland. they are specifically available for all gender pronouns, young and old. in the past, it was specially made on tartan which is a piece of clothing having check prints and different lines and styles over it.

Kilts for men 

Kilts were a dress code designed especially for men. It was then named the national dress of Scotland and till now.it is considered a piece of honor for their country and countrymen and they have a huge amount of love and respect for that attire. they were first made with tartan kilts. And then evolved and started having varieties on every fabric and style and introduced Irish tartan as well.

Types of Kilts for men 

There’s a whole lot of variety in men’s kilts and were introduced on so many different fabrics and with so many different designs and so forth and so forth. Here are we trying to elaborate as much as we can about the kilt. to understand the difference and progress till yet, shall we start?

Tartan kilts

tartan kilts are the most basic and the most old-school kilts .because tartan kilts were the first design that was introduced as a kilt in Scotland. despite that, they look pretty aesthetic. there are approximately 8-9 yards of fabric required in making men’s kilt. but in some cases like in today’s world where comfort is everybody’s priority, Scottish kilt has introduced them with the 5-6 yard kilt which is neither so drastic nor so uncomfortable so it is a  win-win. then they have modern kilts for those who are willing to take their tradition a step further but didn’t want to miss the fashion statements and ongoing trends, this one is for you. they offer all kinds of kilts whether it’s vegan and gluten-free or premium ones, they have it all. also, there are hybrid kilts which were a mix of both utility kilts and tartan kilts

Hybrid kilts

a hybrid kilt is a kilt made with both the qualities of a tartan and a utility kilt. they introduced a great variety of hybrid kilts and have so many different designs and styles in kilts that could leave one astounded. these are the sub-categories that are designed especially while keeping the comfort of their customer’s priority .they are available in so many different colors and designs. like they are available in camo kilts. the camo kilts are specially made to show a patriotic side of a specific person. though it looks cool either. you can make a way out and should treat you with a camo kilt. because it looks ravishing. then they have denim kilts, denim as we all know is the most used fabric because it just simply never goes wrong with anything. you can create a look with a denim kilt in one way or the other. then they have leather hybrid kilts, as we all know that leather is 

considered the most royal fabric because it just looks great and can enhance the look for the great.

Utility kilts

Then they have utility kilts that are specially designed on making the comfort level of the wearer, our priority. They are available in so many different colors and designs .there are cargo utility kilts, then work utility kilts, they are designed especially for the one who has a labor-intensive job and would be wanted to wear the most comfortable clothes that they could. Then there are gothic utility kilts, and they have sport utility kilts and they have patriotic utility kilts.

Leather kilts

Our leather kilts collection will make you knock down with a feather. there is no doubt in saying that this is the best and the most luxurious looking fabric. this is clear that leather fabric has its class and looks great. you can choose a design, pattern, and styling of your own choice and twist the entire look on how you wanna twist it too. You can design your leather kilts however you want. and second of all and the best part is that you can get it stitched with the best fittings that you think will fit you. because at Scottish kilt they offer a made-to-measure offer for you to get your kilts with the perfect fittings.

Denim kilts

Denim kilts look amazing and have a classy finish and give the most outstanding look and enhance your personality. you can make that happen according to your will. they just simply look great despite the weather, they go with every single look and will rock the look in one way or the other. there are thousands of designs and styles and colors available in denim kilts. We can get a huge variety in ripped denim which look amazing .it just give them a cool bad boy element in their personality. denim sits perfectly with almost every outfit and can restrain the entire look. they have a unique and stylish design that goes perfectly with tees and dress shirts as well. the fabric is 100% pure and is designed to keep customers’ comfort our priority. the fabric is so good to the fact that the breathability and fabric quality are definitely on the high-end side. denim kilts are the way to go.

Tactical Camouflage Kilts

tactical is not just simple any kilts .one could look irresistible while wearing a tactical kilt. They are available with camo prints and so many other colors and designs. The best part is that Scottish kilt offers made-to-measure designs .so you can get them customized according to your choice.


So that just brings us to the end of the article, here we discussed the types, different colors, different designs, and considered many other factors of kilts if you wanna know more about kilts you should g through the entire website, we have the best and the most reasonable kilts. one could’ve asked for. we provide you with the best value for your money.


Scottish kilt is an online brand that deals in all kinds of stuff related to kilts and kilts accessories. They have a huge variety of all sorts of kilts, they sell kilts for men, women, and even kids. Firstly, I’ll t off by saying that Scottish kilt is a brand that not just only loves its customers but they even never takes its customers for granted, we try our best to provide our customers with the best quality at the best price. that’s why our customers loved us and so are we. we make 100% products by hand just like the Scottish tradition that they started like some in the 16th century and till date the hand made kilts are considered more worthy coz it’s not just a piece of clothing but an act on country-level that is beloved to them and we respect that. we try to provide the best quality at the most reasonable prices we use the best of the best material and have custom-made designs according to the choice of the buyer. we try to provide our customers with their order as soon as possible but it mostly takes around 3 weeks to 4 weeks, which is by far the best service you’ll find only up here.

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