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KonuSuba Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Characters And Renewal Status

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After my last suggestion of a new genre in anime, I felt that otaku might like KonuSuba too. What makes this anime unique is its “isekai” theme. I guess most of you don’t know what it is, so here’s a little explanation: isekai is just an accidental or unwanted trip. The name of the anime is “KonuSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world!” but called KonuSuba. We can consider KonuSuba as one of the most appreciated anime series for its perfect combination of witchcraft, comedy, swords and fantasy. KonuSuba was initially a light novel that was published as a manga and later adapted for an anime series.

KonuSuba Season 3: Release Date

The first season of KonuSuba was released in January 2016 for Japan, while the English dubbed version was released in January 2019 on Crunchyroll. Similarly, the second season premiered in January 2017 (Japan) and English was dubbed in February 2020. There is no official update on KonuSuba’s renewal for a third installment, but the signs are positive. Fans can grab a pill to relax as KonuSuba is sure to get a makeover. If you haven’t seen the first and second season of this beautiful anime yet, then you can tune in to Netflix to watch it.

  • Kazuma Sato: He was once a child, but due to his sudden death, he experiences “isekai” (I hope you remember what it meant). He becomes a game character with the “adventurer” class.
  • Megumin: A sorceress who refuses to learn other skills because she meets one of the most powerful. She is in love with Kazuma and later has a romantic relationship with him.
  • Aqua: The irresponsible goddess of water with exceptional magical powers. She mocks Kazuma for his death and often suffers dire fates.
  • Darkness: It is a fierce crusade but it has problems with its objectives. He likes Kazuma, but Megumin is always there to prevent him from seducing Kazuma.
  • Wiz: She is a kind but powerful lich mage. We can often see Wiz helping commoners and lost souls.
  • Yunyun: Like Megumin, Yunyun is also an archmage. The two girls later became friends after a fake rivalry created by Yunyun towards Megumin.
  • Chris: An energetic girl with unbeatable robbery skills who later teaches Kazuma. Chris is also friends with Darkness.


KonuSuba Season 3: Plot

The plot will continue with the remaining manga novels for adaptation. We will see Kazuma and his group finding Chris, who is now known as “The Knight Thief.” The team suffers several setbacks that are a consequence of Chris’s action. More plot details can be found in the sixth edition of Natsume Akatsuki’s light novel, as the anime covered the story up to the fifth.


KonuSuba Season 3: Storyline

Let’s clear up the story. We follow a reincarnation of Kazuma in a parallel world where he forms a group of four members, including him. Her team includes Aqua (goddess of water), Megumin (archmage), and Darkness (crusader). The goal is to defeat the Devil King and his generals, but Kazuma soon realizes that his team is hopeless and abandons the mission. He thinks of living a peaceful life with everyone around him, but circumstances prevent him from doing so as he must face the Devil King.

The manga and light novel are quite popular, and the first two seasons received both appreciation and criticism. If you want another adventure anime, then you can watch Hunter X Hunter, and I recently gave an update on Hunter X Hunter season 7. Discuss what comes to mind when you think of a parallel world and the life of an adventurer.

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