Latest Review on 7 New Jakemy Precision Screwdriver Sets

The rapid advancement of technology has increased the need for state-of-the-art tools that can deal with newly introduced equipment. For this purpose, Jakemy has been serving its global customers in the precision screwdriver set niche. Their rigorous R&D infrastructure helps them manufacture cutting-edge precision screwdriver sets that can deal with almost all modern-day equipment. It is just because of their premium R&D culture that they have been able to get brand registration all across the world, including the United States, Australia, Korea, and Russia. So let’s see how Jakemy screwdriver sets help people from a wide variety of fields.

Features of the Jakemy precision screwdriver sets

Different precision tool kits of Jakemy have different features, as listed below.

  1. JM-8189A/B

JM-8189 A/B precision screwdriver set comes up with the following features.

  • Versatile: 30 pcs of 8 type H4*28mm screwdriver bits
  • All screwdriver pcs can easily be navigated due to the hanging design of the screwdriver in the inner box.
  • 300°rotating housing, which enables easy maintenance and disassembly.
  • Extremely lightweight and highly portable with a net weight as low as 220.8g
  • Unique box design can prevent the box from scratch
  1. JM-8185

This 25 in-1 Precision screwdriver set comes with the following features:

  •  25 pcs of heavy industrial screwdriver tools in a single precision screwdriver set
  •  Combination of tools and art toys, which is both practical and fun
  •  3D beveled handle which provides solid gripping, allowing you to work efficiently
  •  Improved suction capability due to the presence of an N35 industrial-grade magnet, which means that you can easily work with small screw parts.
  1. JM-8190
  •  Head of the screwdriver is made up of CSC S-2 premium-quality steel.
  •  Saves money in the long run since a single screwdriver can easily remove over 2500 screws.
  •  Inherits strong magnetism
  •  The 2D screwdriver head works perfectly with screws without any slippage.
  •  Deep hole of 26mm, which fits screwdriver bits easily. Extraordinary magnetism helps to keep the bit fixed, which eventually enhances user experience.
  •  With a weight of only 34 grams and a diameter of 16 mm, this screwdriver reduces labor while tightening or loosening any screw.
  1. JM-Y05

This electric screwdriver set has the following distinctions:

  •  Torque is adjustable with the help of 4 different gears depending upon the type of object you want to work with.
  •  Strong magnet motor with a speed of up to 170 rpm.
  •  Type C 2.0 charging port, which enables fast charging.
  •  6 most widely used screwdriver bits.
  •  Anti-slip texture
  •  Have 4 shadowless LED lights to help you in the process
  •  Extraordinary magnetic force, helping you to use them in a wide range of applications.
  •  Unique appearance
  1. JM-8180A/B

 Screwdriver bits are made up of Chrome Vanadium steel, so they are durable and hard.

  •  Anti-rusting treatment on screwdriver bits.
  •  Anti-slip handle, not to mention that mute bearing is also present at the bottom of the screwdriver. Magnetic mat to collect the screws during working, so you do not lose them.
  •  Available in two colors – matte black and white
  •  Lightweight and easy to handle
  1. JM-8184
  • Highly durable material makes it fade and oxidation resistant.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Packing comes with shock resistance, keeping everything in it intact in every type of condition.
  • Durable screwdriver bits with anti-rust coating.
  • Anti-slip handle and a mute bearing at its end put no stress on your fingers during usage.
  1. JM-8187
  •  83 pcs in 1 configuration, making this precision screwdriver set useful for every type of situation.
  •  Magnetic adsorption case body to help you find all the accessories inside.
  •  37-gram aluminum alloy handle with a mute bearing at the bottom.
  •  69 regular pcs of screwdriver bits, while 4 deep hole bits.
  •  Easy disassembly and maintenance.


Various types of precision screwdriver sets of Jakemy manifest that they are committed to serving the customers of every need. Jakemy’s success in manufacturing top-notch precision screwdriver sets is also helping them to advance toward new industries. For instance, they are now making grounds for manufacturing pet-caring instruments, like JM PE-02, a waterproof electric pet hair clipper. 

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