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“Love Is Blind”, Will It Have Season 2 On Netflix?

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” Love Is Blind ” premiered with great success on Netflix and on February 27 the final chapter of the first season was released. In it, the fate of each of the couples that participated throughout the series was known. After this season finale, all the participants will meet again to tell the details of recording this dating reality show, but what fans wonder the most is if there will be a second season of the show.

” Love Is Blind ” is a reality show created by Chris Coelen that premiered on Netflix on February 13, 2020 as part of a three-week event. It has been likened to ‘ Married at First Sight ‘ and ‘ The Bachelor ‘ because it follows thirty single men and women who seek love and get engaged before even meeting in person.

After this, the couple can see each other and begin to live together, perform tests together and see their family to finally decide whether to marry or not. The final moments of the love reality confirmed the fears of many viewers when seeing some couples separated, but there was also an atmosphere of joy when discovering those who did decide to share a life together.

Now, fans of this series, regardless of what happened to the couples during the first part, want to know if Chris Coelen will bring other people together to perform the same dynamic during a second season. Could it be that there will be new participants who want to prove if love is blind? Or will it all remain as a one-part show?

Will There Be Season 2 Of “Love Is Blind”?

First of all, will there be a second season of ” Love Is Blind “? Considering that the premiere of its final chapter was on February 27 , there is still time for the Internet streaming company to pronounce on the matter. Remember that it is usual for them to wait for user comments to identify if a television show was good or not in order to carry out a renewal.

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Now, it is necessary to emphasize that this tv program has been a hit on the streaming platform, becoming number one among the series as the most viewed and with the best rating in its internal order. This show has even had more impact than “ The Circle, ” Netflix’s reality show about pop culture that dominated the platform in January.

For this reason it is difficult to imagine that there will not be a new season of “ Love Is Blind ”, so fans could have this almost assured. However, it is necessary to remember the time it took the production to pack all the content of the show to finally premiere it on Netflix .

Many fans may not know it, but the series began filming in early October 2018 passing through various recording locations such as Atlanta in Georgia , Playa del Carmen in Mexico with an apartment nearby and finally back to Pinewood Atlanta Studios , where the participants’ weddings were recorded.

To follow the same rhythm, and if the series begins its production from now with Netflix approving the means to have a second season of “ Love Is Blind ”, this would arrive in 2022 very surely after the middle of the year, although this does not mean that this will be all the content that your followers will have from the program.

On March 5, ” Love Is Blind ” will premiere a special chapter to bring together the 30 participants who went in search of love, broadcasting through Netflix . He will answer all the questions from his followers after the closing of the first installment.

Regarding the second part of the show, fans will have to wait some time to know if there will really be a second season, but it takes a while to find all the couples who can go to the end and marry, or not, with their partner.

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