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Loki Will Have Season 2 On Disney Plus

While many people accused the House of Ideas of a lack of news in the Marvel cinematographic universe, Kevin Feige’s people struck the table last day of investors announcing a lot of news within the franchise, which they draw a more than spectacular future on the horizon, with exciting projects. One of the series that is giving more to talk about is “Loki”, a series focused on Thor’s brother, one of the characters most loved by the general public.

Now Deadline reports that this series is taking an important turn, since it has been confirmed that it will have a season 2, without even the first being released, which suggests that this series could be part of a larger plan in the future, and that will be one of the most important of the franchise. A series that will have to answer where Loki is going after the ‘second’ battle of New York in “Avengers: Endgame”.

Michael Waldron, showrunner of the series, thus becomes one of the important men in the saga as he will also be in charge of the script for “Doctor Strange 2”. In addition, he will also take over the script for the Star Wars film produced by Kevin Feige. A very attractive series about which many details are not known, but which will have big names in its cast like Owen Wilson. Hopefully, as reported by the first information, it will be released throughout this year 2021.

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