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The End Of The Last Season Of ‘Vikings’

The popular Vikings series has come to an end with the second part of its season 6, and fans have found a chapter that has concluded almost all the plots of the series, although with several unanswered questions, such as what happened with Kjetill Flatnose.

In the series’ final season, creator Michael Hirst has closed the circle of Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons in which Ivar and Bjorn have traveled to Valhalla while Hvisterk has embraced Christianity and Ubbe has settled in North America.

After the death of King Harald, the chances of Ivar and his dream of conquering all the Saxon kingdoms had multiplied. However, his successor King Alfred refuses to sign a truce with Ragnar’s son – to grant them land and wealth in exchange for peace – and the inevitable war breaks out, in which Hvitserk proves that he is a worthy heir to his father in the countryside. battle.

As corpses pile up at his feet, Ivar decides to step forward and command his troops as an expert and skilled strategist. But Alfred’s men are numerous, and one of them manages to break through the Viking shields and reach The Boneless. ” Don’t be afraid, ” he says to him before being stabbed several times in the chest by his enemy.

The End Of The Last Season Of ‘Vikings’

It is then that Ivar collapses, his fragile legs shattered, in his brother’s arms. ” I’m scared, ” he says in a panic at his imminent death. As Ragnar did in the past, Ivar seems to have forgotten his gods, and at the prospect of leaving the underworld, he no longer trusts that Odin awaits him with the gates of Valhalla open.

Before turning off the lights, Floki and Ubbe sat on a Canadian beach to talk and seek answers to their lost faith. Away from Kattegat, Ragnar’s son and a great friend have realized that their devotion to Odin and other Viking gods is too limited to explain and understand the vast world that has opened before their eyes.

“I have doubts, ” Floki admits to Ragnar’s son. The most fanatical Viking shipbuilder of the series and who came to assassinate Athelstan, Ragnar’s best friend, for his Christian faith, is presented at the end of ‘Vikings’ as an exhausted hero who no longer believes in anything.

” What am I going to know, what does it matter to me, ” Floki answered Ubbe when asked about the presence of the gods in American lands. ” Forget the past, ” advises the veteran Viking.

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