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Sweet Home Season 2: What’s The Netflix Release Date?

Sweet Home is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about the release of the second season, read on! The South Korean horror drama series Sweet Home is based on a webcomic of the same name by Kim Kan-Bi and Hwang Young-Chan. Cha Hyun-su is a lonely man who moves into a new apartment after the accidental death of his entire family.
At the same time, an apocalypse rages, turning humans into monsters. But, Hyun-su and the other residents of the building are fighting to survive and retain their humanity. Created by Netflix and Production Plan, the series was released in December 2020. It has built a strong fan base thanks to the superior quality of the visuals, which provide an impressive and realistic experience. Now, you probably want to know when the second season of Sweet Home is coming out, we’ll tell you all about it!

What Is The Release Date Of Season 2 Of Sweet Home On Netflix?

The first season of Sweet Home was released in its entirety on December 18, 2020, on Netflix. The first season consists of ten episodes of 44 to 59 minutes each.

Regarding the renewal of the second season of Sweet Home, we have not yet received an official statement. However, in view of the growing popularity of Korean drama. This horror series appears to be a promising addition. Season 1 ends with viewers on the sidelines, so there is hope for season 2. If the series reaches the expected level with Netflix, another season can be ordered. In that case, we could see the Sweet Home season 2 release date set for the beginning of the year 2022.

What Can We Expect From The Rest Of The Show?

Hyun-Su is terribly devastated when his family is killed in a car accident. And he’s suicidal when he moves into his new apartment. Things are getting worse as a mysterious phenomenon turns humans into wild monsters. Not surprisingly, he too is exposed and ends up turning into a beast.

The survivors of the building are in conflict over what to do about it and over other people who are beginning to transform. By trying to follow his instincts, Hyun-Su ends up causing damage, which he deeply regrets. The group of survivors remains united. And he also trusts Hyun-us to a certain extent not to hurt them.

The first season ends with the capture and kidnapping of him. Perhaps to be experienced as he is one of the few who can endure the utter monstrosity and still retain his humanity. At the same time, the others are taken to a safe camp. Although they feel betrayed by Yi-Kyung. Eun-hyeok, who had been plotting and planning from the beginning to get away from the monsters, begins to become one and decides to stay behind while the others leave.

If there is a Sweet Home season 2, it will reveal fate’s plans for Hyun-su and the other survivors. What Eun-hyeok will become after his transformation is also something we could see in the next season, if there is any. Government experiments not only failed to find a cure. but he ended up torturing the “monsters” who became vengeful and believe they are part of evolution. This certainly sounds like a declaration of war. Hyun-Su is probably about to suffer the same fate, but will he stay on human soil?

In the cast, if there is a second season of Sweet Home all of the main cast members will return to reprise their roles. We are also expecting new faces. Some of the recurring actors may not return if their character is dead.

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