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‘Lucifer’: An Episode Of Season 6 Previews “The Murder Of Lucifer Morningstar”

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We have not yet seen the second half of season 5 of Lucifer and the writers are already putting the honey on our lips with the suggestive titles of the episodes of the sixth installment. The last one they shared on Twitter corresponds to the fifth episode of the new batch and has put us in the worst possible scenario. Nothing more and nothing less than “The murder of Lucifer Morningstar”.

“How can it be? Tell me no! This is very unfair And just before Christmas! This needs explanation, Lloyd Gilyard Jr., explain it! ”Announces the tweet in which we see the cover of 6 × 05, written by Gilyard and directed by Lisa Demaine, a veteran of the fantasy series

Keep in mind that this episode has all the ballots to be the ‘cliffhanger’ midseason. The sixth installment will consist of 10 episodes and, if they follow the same technique that they have used with the previous one and decide to divide it into two batches, it is very likely that “The murder of Lucifer Morningstar” will leave fans wanting more. That is, it will be the last one they see before the break that will end with the final stretch.

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For the denouement of Lucifer, two actresses have joined the cast. On the one hand, Merrin Dungey will play Sonya, “a policewoman who does not fool around and who will develop an unexpected relationship with Amenadiel.” On the other, Brianna Hildebrand will play “a rebellious and anguished angel who is ready to start causing trouble.” Will any of them have something to do with the murder of the protagonist?

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Meanwhile, all eyes are on the remaining 8 episodes of the current season. The first part was released on August 21, 2020, and, still without a scheduled date, the second will arrive soon. Of course, although they are already anticipating what will happen in the sixth installment, it should be noted that the fifth season will be closed. As you will remember, this was going to be Tom Ellis’s last goodbye, but Netflix decided to give it a new chance – and there are already two – and close the story with 10 more episodes.

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