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‘Lucifer’: Season 6 First Episode Title Revealed

Lucifer fans’ requests were heard. A few months ago it was confirmed that fiction would have its sixth season after many comings and goings by the team. Although Netflix announced that the story would come to an end with the fifth season, the good response from the followers made the platform rethink it. And here we are now, with the announcement of the title of the first episode of season 6 of Lucifer.

According to SpoilerTV, the new episodes will kick off with ‘Nothing Ever Changes Around Here’, which in Spanish could be something like ‘nothing ever changes around here’. However, without knowing how the fifth season of the series ends, we lack information to get any relevant meaning.

Because yes, everyone is talking about the sixth installment without Lucifer season 5 having finished yet. The pandemic caused by the coronavirus caused production to halt when it was filming and the premiere of the second batch of episodes has had to be delayed. However, they are already on their way. Joe Henderson, co-showrunner, has stated that fans should be prepared, as the new chapters are going to be “amazing.”

“I watched the last cut of the Lucifer season 5 finale, and I was so proud of such an amazing cast, crew, and group of writers because DAMN it’s fucking amazing !!! ” declared Henderson.

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