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Lucifer Season 6: Tom Ellis stuns fans with Lucifer’s transformation And Information!!

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Tom Ellis has taken to his Instagram Stories to share a tantalizing preview of his fitness regimen for his time as the crime-solving devil Lucifer Morningstar.

It may be some time before the latest Lucifer episodes are finally released on Netflix, but the new look was more than enough to keep some fans happy in the meantime.

Star of Lucifer, Tom Ellis has confirmed that he is returning to your exercise regimen in their history of Instagram and the new image-heavy biceps caused a stir among the fan base on social networks.

Many viewers were also hopeful that the star’s revived workout plan meant there could be more shirtless scenes to keep fans tuned in to the final eighteen episodes of Lucifer.

Tom Ellis of Lucifer also made sure to wear a protective mask during its recent session in the gym, according to the current rules for film production and television during the pandemic.

While the Lucifer star certainly maintained a healthy shape throughout the series ‘original three seasons on Fox, Tom Ellis’ muscle mass saw a noticeable improvement at the beginning of season four.

Season five also featured some long-awaited sex scenes between Lucifer and the love of his life, Chloe Decker (Lauren German), that viewers have been waiting for since the season four finale.

Additionally, fans were incredibly blown away by a rare glimpse of Tom Ellis’s butt when he appeared in a dual role as Lucifer’s evil twin brother Michael in recent episodes.

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