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Lucifer Will Have Season 6; Netflix Has Renewed The Series

Netflix wanted to hear the voices of the souls crying out for a new season of Lucifer and it has been benevolent the streaming platform has renewed the series for a sixth season, while viewers await to enjoy a fifth season that will be composed of 16 episodes. We remind you that this next installment of the series, starring Tom Ellis and Lauren German, will be divided into two parts, with the first scheduled to debut this year.

As reported by Collider, rumors had arisen stating that Netflix was happy with the “evolution” of the fifth season and that it was interested in giving the green light to a sixth installment. It seems that this procedure was hampered by negotiations with the star of the series, Tom Ellis, who plays the protagonist. However, everything indicates that these differences have been resolved because Netflix has already announced that there will be a sixth season.

Through social networks, the streaming platform has even shared a brief preview confirming that season 6 of Lucifer will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Of course: the official account of the series states that this time it will be the final season, ruling out the possibilities that Lucifer will return for a seventh season. After all, we already knew that you are more inclined to the number 6.

As for when we can enjoy the new episodes of the series, just yesterday the news broke that Netflix had leaked the premiere date of the first part of the fifth season: August 21, 2020, would be the time when we can enjoy the first 8 episodes, but Netflix has not confirmed it after the leak. Later, the streaming service withdrew this date, but it is believed that the platform would be waiting for the debut to coincide with WarnerMedia’s DC FanDome event, where Lucifer will also be present.

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