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‘Overlord’ Season 4 Release Date, Spoilers: What Fans Can Do While Awaiting Anime Announcement Renewal

The wait for Season 4’s “Overlord” has been going on for over 21 months. With no end in sight, it is understandable for avid fans of the series to start looking for things to do that will somehow quench the “Overlord” drought they are experiencing.

Fortunately, the franchise is not entirely taking a break this year. While the anime series is still on hiatus, both in light of the novel and the manga the series has more content to offer new and longtime fans.

Get The Official ‘Overlord’ Volume 12 English Translation

One of the best ways for fans to distract themselves from the lack of “Overlord” from season 4 of the updates is to support series creator Kugane Maruyama. You can do this by obtaining a copy of the official English version of the 12 volume light novel that was just published by Yen Press on June 23. The original Japanese version came out in September 2017.

Since events in volume 12 have yet to be put into anime, getting a copy of the light novel delivery would be a good way for fans to find out what’s going on alongside Agunz, its followers, and its detractors. If the anime will follow the same pattern it has been using since 2015, volume 12 could be the stopping point for the “Overlord” season 4 plot.

‘Overlord’ Volume 14 Fan Of Translations Have Spread Online

The “Overlord” light novel in the series also had its latest installment, volume 14, published last March. However, its official copy is only available in the Japanese version, for now. Fans are already familiar with the time interval between the release dates of the Japanese and English editions, as mentioned above in the case of volume 12.

However, the fan-made translations of “Overlord”, volume 14 have now spread widely online. Note, however, that Maruyama has previously expressed he is not the biggest fan of unofficial English translations of his light novels.

Follow The ‘Overlord’ Manga Series For A Fresh Take On The Series

Aside from the anime series, the “Overlord” light novel has also been made into the manga with the same title. The anime’s plot and sequence of events are much closer to the light of the novels, so the adaptation manga may not be the best choice for those who want to do something beforehand reading “Overlord” from season 4.

In fairness, though, the adaptation manga is still worth reading if fans want to dive into the series again and see a fresh take on Agunz’s adventures. In this way, they could end the “Overlord” from season 4 of Drought without actually spoiling themselves with what happens next in the anime.

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