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These Two New Characters Will Get Lucifer In Serious Trouble In His Season 6

Every day more expectations are generated as to what will happen to Lucifer Morningstar in season 6 since it was already known that this diabolical character will be in trouble with the arrival of two new characters that will make life impossible for him. Therefore, so that you do not lose details, here we reveal who they are about and what is the reason why they will give an unexpected turn to this long-awaited story for 2021.

These Two New Characters Will Put Lucifer Morningstar Netflix Series In Serious Trouble

Although details are still being finalized for the culmination of season 6 of Lucifer, some names of characters that will be in this long-awaited installment have already been revealed and that will surprise the audience and the same protagonist who apparently will be in strong straits. This was indicated by the Entertainment Weekly portal in which the names of the actresses who will interpret them were also revealed.

The portal indicates that Merrin Dungey and Brianna Hildebrand are the new faces that will surprise this seductive character, but he will not be so comfortable with their presence as both women will be in charge of showing their weaknesses and lack of patience.

Merrin will play Sonya, she is a strict police officer who they say will create an unlikely bond with Amenadiel. While Brianna will prove that Rory is a rebellious angel who only wants to copy Lucifer’s footsteps, so she will be somewhat restless and get into a lot of trouble.

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