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‘P-valley’ Will Have Season 2: Starzplay Strippers Renew One More Year

The Starz network has renewed its latest original series, ‘ P-Valley ‘, for a season 2. The fiction, which we can see in Spain through Starzplay , has obtained the approval of the critics and, apparently, of the audience, which has made it a success.

Created by Katori Hall, ‘P-Valley’ is a kaleidoscopic look at the workers, customers and neighbors of Pynk !, a strip club anchored in a town in the depressed Mississippi Delta. Through the arrival of the mysterious Autumn Night (Elarica Johnson), we make our way through a world of hopes, dreams and struggles to stay afloat.

In the cast we find Brandee Evans as Mercedes, Nicco Annan as Uncle Clifford , Shannon Thornton as Miss Mississippi, Elarica Johnson as Autumn Night, Skyler Joy (Ma) as Gidget, J. Alphonse Nicholson as Lil ‘Murda, Parker Sawyers as Andre , Harriett D. Foy as Pastor Woodbine, Tyler Lepley as Diamond, and Dan J. Johnson as Corbin.

I already mentioned it in the critics, but ‘P-Valley’ is a series whose failures come more from a wrong structure in the script (it stumbles in its passage from play to series) than because what it presents us is not interesting. Its episodes are superbly shot and the world it presents is complex and immersive.

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