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Perks of beautiful Hand-Crafted Fitted Kitchens

These days, hand-crafted fitted kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. Featuring a unique blend of design elements, this space will become more than just a place to cook and eat for the family. It will become a focal point for social gatherings.

QA Fitted Kitchens is an industry leader in the production and installation of fitted kitchens in Telford, Shropshire, and the rest of the United Kingdom. Here, we’ll look at the most alluring advantages of a Hand-Crafted kitchen.

The space is utilised optimally.

Whether you live in a sprawling barn with high ceilings or a cosy hamlet in the woods, making the most of your home’s square footage is important. 

You can rest assured that the space will be utilised optimally if you use a hand-crafted design instead of a prefabricated one. 

QA Kitchens experts are fully capable of making Small-scale adjustments on-site. You can finally get rid of all those weird nooks and crannies and empty shelves in the kitchen cupboards.

Hand-crafted fitted kitchens are cost-effective.

Although the upfront investment could be greater than if you were to purchase anything “off the shelf,”. However, you should see a return on your money in the long run. 

In addition, due to excellent standards, our brand-new fitted kitchens will last for many years. 

Finally, when it comes time to sell, a home with a high-end kitchen is far more attractive to potential buyers.

It suits your tastes and style.

The biggest advantage of hand-crafted fitted kitchens is that they suit your lifestyle. Also, they are exactly as you intended them to be.

With a hand-crafted kitchen, you can make it work for you. Having a large or expanding family necessitates spacious storage and cooking facilities. 

If you and your partner are childless and work full-time, you can get away with smaller, neater fittings and fixtures.

Lastly, you can add amenities like cocktail cabinets if you plan to host parties in your stunning new kitchen.

Experts Install fitted kitchens.

Technicians who install our kitchens are experts who can solve any issue. QA Kitchens has a staff of licenced and highly skilled electricians, plumbers, painters, and tilers that adhere to a strict code of ethics. Also, they are sure to produce the best quality of work that you and your family will love for decades.

We must be able to accommodate any changes you make to the design, such as a new preferred paint colour.

So, please contact us for custom or hand-crafted fitted kitchens.


After everything is said and done, the primary beauty of hand-crafted fitted kitchens is the freedom. The freedom to design and build your dream kitchen full of required facilities and looks. 

Finally, you can choose from whatever materials you like, not only the ones sold in showrooms. It won’t be an issue if you wish to use brass, chrome, ceramics, or wood (or some combination of these) as a primary design element. Good luck with building an ideal fitted kitchen!

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