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Premiere Forecast For The Second Season Of 50M2

After the great success of Turkish productions, Netflix launched its new series from the country. Certainly, upon seeing the protagonist, the subscribers identified themselves, which made 50M2 a success. As a result, questions about its continuity or the second season have become commonplace. Well, here is everything we already know.

50M2 is a Turkish action series, with Engin Ozturk as the protagonist. The actor was responsible for starring in ‘The Last Guardian’, another original Netflix series. However, in this series,Ozturk gives life to Sombra, a young man who has always been faithful to the man who created him. But one day, upon discovering a betrayal, he decides to abandon everything he has lived and start his life over in a simple neighborhood.

As little as details about the continuity of the series are scarce, we separate everything that was released about the second season of 50M2. If the series follows the success of other Turkish productions, we will see Shadow for a long time on Netflix.

Will 50m2 Win Season 2?

The first season of 50M2 recently arrived on Netflix. Therefore, the service has not yet confirmed whether the second season of production will take place. But, this is something absolutely normal, since other productions had their next seasons confirmed, up to three months after the release. In other words, with 50M2, it will be no different.

Finally, the service always takes into account three factors to continue its production. Audience, engagement on social networks, and how many episodes were watched to the end by subscribers.

Premiere Forecast For The Second Season Of 50M2

If we compare it with other productions in the country, it is likely that we will not wait for that long. However, we know that everything revolves around when the series is renewed. Another aggravating factor, which has paralyzed several productions, is the pandemic.

If Netflix endorses the second season of fast 50M2 , and the recordings proceed uninterrupted, it is likely that we will see the series arriving in February 2022.

Spoilers: What Will Happen In 50M2?

Throughout the first season, we saw Shadow, trying to live a peaceful life. Over the past few years, he rendered services to Servetus, and acted as the man thought he should. But, this is not for nothing, since, Sombra considered him as a father.

However, in the course of his new life, he thought it best to be mistaken for Adil’s son. Then he adopts the personality of Adem, while trying to erase his past and write a new future. However, what we saw is that it is not that simple, since Adem also had pending issues. Another point is that Yakup starts to suspect Sombra, after giving him a gift, since he thought he was Adem.

At the end of the first season, many futures were left open. Shadow’s disguise is increasingly threatened. Initially, he thinks about telling Dilara the truth, but is interrupted. Then, upon entering the tailoring shop, the man who threatened him managed to hang Sombra. But Yakup appears and ends up killing him.

The main one is the protagonist, who sees his disguise being threatened. Yakup went after evidence, and ended up finding out who Shadow really is. However, Sombra makes it clear that the two will make a deal, revealing nothing, about what they both did.

Civan tries to act against Servetus and, finally, Servetus makes a shocking revelation. Certainly, the second season of 50m2 , will leave no stone unturned, with Shadow running against everything and everyone, so as not to be revealed.

Cast: Who Will Return For The Second Season?

Much of the cast will return for the new 50M2 episodes . Certainly, Engin Ozturk, who gives life to the Shadow, will return. Besides him, Kürsat Alniaçik (Servet), and Aybüke Pusat (Dilara) return. Finally, actors Cengiz Bozkurt, Kursat Alniacik, Tolga Tekin, Yigit Kirazci, Ozguhr Emre Yildirim, Tuncay Beyazit, Tugce Karabacak, Hasan Yalnizoglu, Murat Kilic, Emre Yesiloz and Emrullah Cakay will be present.

The second season should bring new actors and actresses into the production.

About The 50m2 Series

50M2 , tells the story of a mysterious murderer named Sombra, who tries to escape to save his life. While escaping his rich and dark life, followed by Servetus’ betrayal, who treated him as his long-lost father, he suddenly found himself living in a 50 square meter tailor shop in a foreign neighborhood.

While hiding there until the situation calms down, he discovers that the neighborhood residents think he is the son of the late shop owner. However, he quickly realizes that maintaining that identity will not be as easy as he thinks. The more he lives in this new neighborhood, the more he will discover the secrets about his past and his real identity, the more he helps those around him, the more he will become someone else.

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