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Pros and cons of vinyl plank flooring

For years, vinyl tile, sheet vinyl, and vinyl tiles have been popular flooring options in bathrooms and kitchens. So, the Pros and cons of it are a thicker flooring option. It is generally fabricated using long planks and a modified tongue & groove connection system, which snaps together. 

plank flooring gained popularity because it resembled wooden plank flooring better than plastic laminate flooring. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for homeowners to renovate their homes on a limited budget.

So, plank vinyl flooring, also known to be luxury vinyl or luxury floor (LVF) is vinyl flooring that’s made in long narrow strips. Vinyl plank is multiplied with four layers.

Luxury vinyl is about five times thicker in thickness than traditional sheet Vinyl. This makes it semi-rigid. Luxury Vinyl Planks aren’t rolled over the flooring and glued down. So, they snap together. Vinyl planks can be scratched and scuffed to give them an antique look.

Vinyl plank has its pros and cons. So, vinyl plank requires little maintenance and is very durable. However, the vinyl plank can be easily damaged. In addition, vinyl plank does not increase the price of your home. So, waterproof vinyl plank is the most common. Fake wood flooring there are many options. It can be not easy to find the right flooring. Vinyl, hardwood, carpet, and other flooring options are available.

What is Vinyl plank flooring?

Explained, it is vinyl flooring that has been cut into easy to handle strips. So, vinyl plank is considered a luxury vinyl tile option because of its thickness, durability, ease of installation, and beautiful design patterns that replicate natural wood and stone flooring.

A pressure-heat process is used to make the flooring. So, it combines three layers: a vinyl backing layer, a film and a wear layer. Next, a polyurethane coating is applied to the flooring for protection and durability. It is then cut to size and edge-prepared before being shipped.

Material that is completely waterproofIt can be difficult to repair planks that are damaged
Easy DIY installationHardwood is more prestigious than hardwood.
Easy to maintain 


1.      Water-Resistant:

Vinyl planks are waterproof and resist moisture, unlike tiles or wood planks. So, this is the most significant benefit of vinyl flooring.

2.      Durability:

Avoid laying tiles in areas that are most susceptible to damage. Luxury vinyl plank, on the other hand, is versatile and very durable. So,  you can use it in your bathroom and kitchen. Vinyl is waterproof against spills and easy to clean. In addition, vinyl resists chips, scratches and other significant damage.

3.      Maintenance:

Vinyl plank can maintain easily by vacuuming and sweeping. So, a mop and warm water can use for deeper cleaning. So, avoid using a built-in scrubber to mop your floors. 

4.      Appearance:

Vinyl flooring is trendy. Using modern photographic imaging technology, vinyl plank can be made exactly as you wish.

5.      Comfort:

Vinyl planks have a smoother surface, which makes them easier to walk on than regular wooden planks. In addition, vinyl planks offer greater comfort than traditional wooden alternatives. So, this is especially important for people who have to stand for extended periods. In addition, vinyl floors can maintain room temperature. So if you have central heating in winter, your floor will not send chills down the spine.

6.      Affordability:

Vinyl plank is an excellent option for those who want an affordable and high-quality floor. Vinyl plank tends to be less expensive than solid hardwood flooring. So, vinyl plank is generally less expensive than solid hardwood flooring. So, this allows you to enjoy the many benefits of vinyl flooring without having to pay extra.


1.      Undergoing:

Vinyl flooring has its cons. Vinyl flooring can fade in direct sunlight. So, therefore, vinyl flooring should not be used outside. 

2.      Compost ability:

Vinyl planks cannot be biodegradable. In addition, vinyl planks can be challenging to recycle, depending on their brand and composition. So, this is something that you should think about if you care about the environment.

3.      You can cause harm:

Vinyl can damages, even though it lasts for many years. So, before putting furniture in place, protect the feet with felt.

How to find high-quality plank flooring?

The introduction of luxury plank flooring has eliminated all of the problems associated with vinyl tiles. So, here are four of the best benefits of luxury vinyl.

  1. Fully waterproof
  2. Large selection of colors, shapes and sizes.
  3. Longer warranties
  4. Superior glueless installation techniques


Vinyl and hardwood are only two options for flooring. Before you decide on the right flooring option, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons. Vinyl plank flooring meets all three requirements and is very popular. Vinyl flooring has both its advantages and drawbacks, as with all materials. The above mentioned, pros and cons of vinyl flooring to help you make the right choice.

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