Real Madrid New Manager: What To Expect From The Manager Carlo Ancelotti

New football league season in Europe will soon get underway. The most popular and successful football club will be going into the season with a new manager Carlo Ancelotti (not actually, new, this is his second time coming) following the sacking of their former manager, a three-time UEFA champions league win in a row, Zinedine Zidane.

 No doubt, Carlo Ancelotti’s resume is not wanting either, he also a three-time Uefa champions league winner, with other numerous titles across major leagues in Italy, England, France, Germany, and Spain. Certainly, he has seen it all, and taking over Real Madrid again, won’t be a big deal to him.

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But what is Real Madrid boardroom, fans and neutrals are to expect from the Italian tactician this time around? Considering a second-place finish, one Spanish La Liga, and Champions League semi-final loss to eventual UEFA Champions League winner, Chelsea, is not enough for the French man Zidane to retain his job.

Let’s take a look into what to expect from the 62-year-old master tactician in the coming season 2021/2022.

Formation and Tactics

When it comes to flexibility, Carlo Ancelotti is known to be a very dynamic coach who will not hesitate to tweak things when necessary.  Though indeed, he normally favours a 4-4-2 formation, over the years, the Italian tactician has proven that he can adapt to his team and players, and depending on the oppositions, he can change formation and tactics to have a favorable plan as well.

At Chelsea, Ancelotti showed his flexibility when he switched between 4-4-2 diamond and 4-3-3 depending on the position. In recent years, he has favored 4-3-3 more, but he has also morphed into 4-5-1 formation when needed. Before joining Real Madrid again, he opted for a 3-5-2 formation most of the time at Everton.

So depending on the players that will be available to him when the season begins, the Real Madrid fans should expect dynamism and flexible information and tactics.

Possible Starting Eleven

  • Goalkeeper: Thibaut Courtois
  • Defenders: Daniel Carvajal, Raphael Varane, Nacho Fernandez, David Alaba
  • Midfielders: Luka Modric, Toni Kroos, Casemiro
  • Forwards: Eden Hazard, Karim Benzema, Vinicius Junior
Carlo Ancelotti Past Records and Profile

In trying to determine how successful or what to expect from a new sport manager, Kate Richardson, an expert in sports analysis have suggested in many of her posts to look deeply into the records of such managers and analyze his or her career statistics. You can check her profile, and read one of her various sports analyses, betting odds, and predictions (Here).

Reggiana: 1995 – 1996.     Game Managed: 45

Game Won: 17; Game Drawn: 16; Game Lost: 12; Percentage Win: 37.78

Parma1996 – 1998.  Game Managed: 87

Game Won: 42; Game Drawn: 27; Game Lost: 18; Percentage Win: 48.28

Juventus: 1999 – 2001:  Games Managed: 114          

Games Won: 63; Games Drawn: 33; Games Lost: 18;               Percentage Win: 55.26

A.C Milan:  2001- 2009;   Games Managed: 420;

Games Won:   238; Games Drawn: 101; Games Lost: 81              ;   Percentage Win: 56.67        [

Chelsea: 2009 – 2011;   Games Managed: 109           

Games Won: 67; Games Drawn: 20; Games Lost: 22;              Percentage Win: 61.47

Paris Saint-Germain: 2011 – 2013; Games Managed: 77

Games Won: 49; Games Drawn: 19; Games Lost: 9; Percentage Win: 63.64

Real Madrid: 2013 – 2015;   Games Managed: 119   

Games Won: 89; Games Drawn: 14; Games Loss: 16; Percentage Win: 74.79

Bayern Munich: 2016 – 2017; Games Managed: 60;

Games Won: 42; Games Drawn: 9 Games Loss: 9; Percentage Win: 70.00

Napoli:  2018 – 2019;   Games Managed: 73

Games Won: 38;   Games Drawn: 19; Games Loss: 16;   Percentage Win: 52.05

Everton: 2019 – 2021;    Games Managed: 67

Games Won:   31; Games Won: 14; Games Loss: 22;               Percentage Win: 46.27            

Management Style

According to the Italian master tactician, Carlo Ancelotti, who usually quotes the famous Italian saying “Football is the most important of the less important things in the world.” To Ancelotti, being a manager is something he has come to live with. He doesn’t feel pressure, whether win or lose; he goes on about his life and managing activities. He is known to always protect and calm his player before matches with jokes. He is also known to be flexible to cultural differences among players, teams, and the leagues at large.

To him, a manager doesn’t need to be autocratic to get a message across to his players. In his words, “Here I can decide training at six in the morning, training eleven in the night. But my style is not to impose. I would like to convince the players of what they are doing. This takes more time.” Generally, however, Carlo Ancelotti’s management style has been described as Servant Leadership whereby players are expected and seek responsibility and accountability.

Carlo Ancelotti’s Words

Following his appointment in early June 2021, for his second stint at the Club, he once led to a UEFA champion’s league win, the 62-year-old master tactician was asked about what to expect from him, Ancelotti declared that “I’m not the same Ancelotti as the one from six years ago, I’m different. I’ve got more experience. This may be positive or negative. I felt very good at Everton. In terms of the squad, we still haven’t specified the details. There is a mix of players with experience, like Kroos, Modrić, Ramos, Bale, and Benzema, and a group of very young players with a lot of quality like Rodrygo, Vini Jr., and Valverde. There’s a lot of quality in the squad. After we look at things in more detail we’ll have to reduce it a bit because it’s very big and we’ll have to see how we can reduce it”.

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