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Augmented reality is more fluidly integrated into real world experiences, which is both more fun and also easier to enjoy. Any object, from bottles to cartons to shelves, can be used as a blank canvas to create timeless stories and immersive, live-action and animated entertainment. As the preferred method of providing customers with consistent brand storytelling, AR applications have been recognized and patronized. The AR medium was dynamic all the way. It is therefore not surprising that the next phase is now in place. This phase aims to move us away from AR applications towards . View WebAR experiences on browsers.

Evolution from Mobile AR to Mobile AR to Web AR

The HTMLAR operating principle, or browser-based AR, is what gives the website’s AR experience its short title. The Web offers a wider range of applications than traditional ones. AR is determined to overcome the most fundamental barriers. The main driver of technology’s widespread adoption and migration is the removal of the specialized hardware layer. The final customers get a glimpse of the experience they will have by using a gradually richer approach. The user opens a web browser to access a WebAR experience. You don’t need to install an app to enjoy AR.

Supported Webar Browsers

WebAR is a cutting-edge technology and browser support is crucial. A process that has less support can take longer to complete or not get the desired results. While WebAR was once supported by a few browsers, most browsers support it today and can handle multiple devices (mobiles, desktops, or HMD). These are examples of browsers that currently support WebAR.

Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome all support experiences. To run browser-based augmented reality WebAR, your device must support ARCore or ARkit. ARkit is only for iOS devices, while ARCore can be used on Android devices.

There are many benefits and possibilities to webar

This trend is expected to continue as more brands embrace WebAR technology. It is likely that augmented reality will continue infiltrating other businesses. WebAR has the potential to offer many key features and benefits, including:

Many social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are used. You can enhance your appearance by using filters. These include applying glittery cosmetics or wearing eerie, frightening masks. These operations look like a trial run.

A further capability can be used to change your appearance. You can dye your hair pink or blue with just one tap.

It is one the most sought-after characteristics on the internet. Online conferences and video calls have seen a huge increase in popularity during the Covid years. This market has seen instant adoption of Augmented Reality. Banuba is the only provider with an SDK to blurred or alter backgrounds during live video chats.

Another popular AR function is: You can interact with 3D models of the items.

This is a common feature in cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, and other products. This function allows you to place your face in front the camera and take an image. The program will then overlay virtual objects on top of real-world items in the scene.

AR has many possibilities. This list could go on for years. This is due to the emergence of cutting-edge technology which will use augmented reality.

Augmented Reality Use on The Internet: Several Examples

You can see augmented reality in action today, with many examples. It is being used to teach and inspire students, create art exhibitions and sell goods and services.

  • An excellent example of WebAR being used to market products is a virtual shop. You can place your favorite item in a corner of your home or on your desk with Shopify Ar. This option is great for decorators, furniture store owners, and appliance store owners.
  • With L’Oreal’s YouCam service, customers can “test out” cosmetics before making a purchase. A smartphone can be used to determine if an eyeshadow or lipstick is right for them. Since the launch of the internet service, the company’s sales have increased significantly in the countries where it is used.
  • Ghost hunting may be possible for small clients at the LEGO store. This can be done without the need to download any software. It doesn’t matter how hard the game may be, modern technology can make it more exciting.
  • Browser AR is more than just a marketing tool. It’s often used in warehouses to allow employees to view the inventory and administrators to skip purchasing signage to identify the purpose of each shelf. Interactive area maps are a great way to improve the lives of residents.


WebAR lets users create AR experiences that are viewable on any browser. Interactivity allows consumers to take their campaigns to the next level by allowing interaction with the material, rather than just seeing it.

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