Anyone who has ever lost weight will agree that isn’t easy to do. It requires commitment and motivation, even on the worse days. Once you’ve lost the targeted weight, you might not have achieved your aesthetic goal. You might find yourself struggling with stubborn fat and skin, which doesn’t go away. This is something that also happens after pregnancies. It can often lead to feeling conscious and even impact confidence. If this is something you resonate with, tummy tuck Toronto is something you should consider. Also known as abdominoplasty, this surgical treatment can help you achieve a smoother and slimmer tummy. It is an ideal treatment for men and women.

As everyone’s case is unique, abdominoplasty is designed to meet the requirement of the patient. Each treatment plan is curated keeping the anatomy and aesthetic goal in mind. Based on this, the tummy tuck technique is decided. There are three techniques which are often used. They are as follows.

Standard Tummy Tuck

This is a standard Abdominoplasty technique, chosen when there is significant excess skin above and below the belly button. Through the standard approach, the abdominal muscles can be repaired and the navel reconstructed. This is done by removing the excess skin present below the navel. For that, a long horizontal incision in the lower abdomen runs from hip to hip. With this approach, the stretch marks present above the midline can’t be removed. To achieve a sculpted waist, the remaining skin is pulled and smoothened to reduce the appearance of marks. A standard tummy tuck can also be paired with liposuction to sculpt the waist. It is natural to be worried about the scar, it is mostly hidden by swimwear or underwear. There will be a small incision inside the belly button. After the surgery, you need to take 2 weeks off to rest and recover.

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Mini Tummy tuck

If sagging skin is present only under the navel, mini abdominoplasty or mini tummy tuck is the ideal technique. This method allows one to achieve a smooth and flat abdomen. There is only a short scar which is present on the belly. As subtle adjustments are required, a small ellipse of skin is excised. Minor muscle repair and fat removal can also be done with a mini tummy tuck. There are no changes in the navel. As the technique is less intensive, you only need to take about a week off for recovery.

Hybrid Tummy tuck

This approach bridges the gap between the two methods. It is ideal for those with sagging skin above the navel and certain issues below it. When there is muscle separation without excess skin. In these cases, substantial skin removal is not required. The surgeon makes an incision to repair midline muscles. During the surgery, the belly button is detached and floated downwards by 2 to 3 centimetres. This is done to pull the region above it. After that, all the excess skin at the bottom is trimmed.

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