Should You Be Selling Company Merchandise?

Every year, the United States market for promotional products generates more than $21 billion in revenue. More than 156,000 people work in this market to provide companies with company merchandise and other products.

Considering how popular selling company merchandise is, should your company be following suit?

Company merchandise is not right for every business. However, many business owners do not realize how many advantages selling company merchandise can provide. As you learn more about what company merchandise can do for your business, you can decide if selling company merchandise is the right decision for you.

Read on to learn all about the top reasons that selling company merchandise might benefit your company!

Sell Company Merch to Boost Your Brand

Selling company merchandise is the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. First, you can enjoy the profits of selling merchandise. Second, you can enjoy the free advertising that comes when people use your merchandise in front of others.

However, the exposure that you get when people use your company merchandise is even better than other kinds of exposure.

Someone might be exposed to your company through one of your ads. However, most people try to ignore ads most of the time. On the other hand, if a potential customer sees someone wearing or using your company merchandise, that can give them the impression that associating with your company is something to be proud of.

That benefits your brand in two ways at the same time. First, it helps more and more people find out about your brand. Second, it helps convert your brand awareness into positive customer relations.

Branded Merchandise Is Efficient Advertising

Some companies even choose to give away their branded merchandise rather than charging for it. If you can’t afford expensive ads, then giving away branded merchandise can be a much more affordable way to run an effective marketing plan.

When you have a larger marketing budget, it can make sense to spring for more extravagant advertising methods. However, when you need the maximum bang for your minimum buck, branded merchandise can be the best option.

Keep in mind that people who are already familiar with your brand have never seen anyone wearing or using merchandise with your branding. The first time they see someone with your branded merchandise, it can change the way they think about your company.

Instead of just being another business, seeing people use your branded merchandise can help people think of your company as a potential status symbol.

Create an Online Store for Employees

Employees can be some of the biggest customers of your company merchandise. Your most passionate employees will probably be the first ones to start wearing company apparel and using other merchandise. However, once some of your employees begin, there is a good chance that others will join in.

This can help your employees feel a deeper sense of community. This is also the perfect way to help new employees feel welcome.

New employees are often looking for ways to fit in with everyone else. Providing them with free company merchandise is a perfect way to help them feel like part of the team.

Company merchandise is also a great way to recognize employees. When an employee achieves something great, make a public event of it! Gift them some merchandise and express your appreciation.

This is a great way to help employees see that your company is dedicated to its employees. There is also a good chance that employees will buy products from the online company store to share with others.

Help Your Company Branding Stand Out

Many companies spend a huge amount of money cultivating their brands without ever investing in brand merchandise. As many experts are expecting our economy to go through a recession, it is more important than ever to help your company stand out from your competitors.

More companies are going under as the economy approaches a recession. It can be hard for customers to know which businesses will still be around in the coming years. Selling company merchandise can be a powerful way to show that you are proud of your company and intend to cultivate your brand and customer base for years to come.

Help Your Customers Form a Community

There is a big difference between a customer base and a community. Customer bases tend to be much more fickle. If times get tough, you might notice that fewer and fewer of your customers are coming back.

However, communities tend to rally around businesses as they go through difficult times. So how can you transform your customer base into a community?

The most important part of this process is helping your customers get to know each other. When your customers talk to each other, they learn what other people like about your company.

They can also see other customers enjoying your merchandise. That can lead to an infectious enthusiasm for your products.

Enjoy the Benefits of Selling Company Merchandise

The more that you learn about the benefits of selling company merchandise, the better you can appreciate why so many of the most successful companies in the world use this marketing strategy. As our economy goes through a tough time, it is more important than ever for businesses to find ways to help themselves stand out from their competitors. Selling company merchandise can be the perfect way to help you build a loyal customer base that will last for years.

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