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Simple Guide To Login Bigpond Email

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Bigpond is an email service provider by Telstra mail which provides huge demands for the clients. What we could see from the analysis that we have made is many people have registered to big pond accounts. But the real problem lies on the Bigpond email login. If you are one among such users, then right now we will give you a clarity over how to login to the big pond account. 

Features in Bigpond account:

Reason millions of people are using it is because it provides amazing features that are given below. 

  • In each email account, users are given the opportunity to enjoy up to 10 GB of free space. 
  • There is no disturbance from the ads that pop up in the midst of our busy schedule. 
  • Individual users are allowed to have 15 different email addresses. 
  • Also this email service provider provides amazing features like spam filtering. 
  • Users can access this big pond email service provider from all devices like android, iOS, mobile phones, tablets or computers. 

How to Login into a Bigpond Account?

To login just follow the simple step by step instructions that are given below. Also this is not a long process, users can complete it within a few minutes. 

Step 1: First, users will have to open their browser and then type www.my.telstra.com in the address bar to visit the login page of the big pond account. 

Step 2: Now you will be on the Bigpond Webmail Login page where spaces to enter the username and password can be seen. In the required spaces, enter your big pond email username and its password.  

Step 3: In the box where business ID, if users have Telstra account executive or any business Id, users can add it,

Step 4: Also to assure that you are not a bot, complete the recaptcha process.

Step 5: If you access this account from your personal account ensure to check the box ‘keep me signed in’. Doing so will prevent you from entering the password again and again. 

Step 6: Once you complete step 5, now users can hit on the login option so that they can login to their account. 

Another option to login to the Bigpond Email Account:

Bigpond Login can also be done through the email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple mail or using any other email client also this can be successfully logged in. 

Benefits of using this Bigpond Account:

While looking at the safety of the email users, this is one of the best email service providers that provides this feature. Since there is assurance of safety, users can have conversation without much fear. 

Another thing about this email service provider is it is completely a user-friendly app. Also anyone can access the email without much confusion.

How to Create a Bigpond Account?

Now if you do not have an account but feel like wanting to register an account in Bigpond, then follow the steps that are given below to create it.  

Step 1: Open your browser and then in the address bar type https://id.telstra.com.au/register to go to the registration page of the big pond account. 

Step 2: Then you will have to enter a unique email address. While setting this remember that this email address is going to be used every time you login an account. 

Step 3: Once you have set an email address, then users will have to enter the password. You will have to enter twice to confirm the password that you have set. 

Step 4: In this step, you will have to add basic personal information like first name, middle name, and last name, date of birth and phone number. 

Step 5: Finally, click on the continue option, by doing so you have registered your account successfully in the big pond account. 

Note: With this email address and password that you have created, you can log in to your big pond email account from anywhere at any time. So try not to forget these passwords. 

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