The Best Tools for Boosting Productivity While Working Remotely

When it comes to working efficiently and being productive while working from home, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We all have unique working styles that we feel make us productive. While productivity is quite important it’s not the only aspect to consider. Keeping in touch with your colleagues and promoting team spirit is crucial when team events or physical meetings turn into Zoom calls. Make sure to celebrate important occasions at work properly by sending group ecards like these. Sending wishes and good vibes would make everyone feel appreciated just like when you are all in the office while saving you the trouble to throw a party.

However, despite all the benefits of working from home, we can all admit that it is not a smooth road. It’s not always easy to maintain focus on tasks with all the distractions surrounding us. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best personal productivity apps to help you work smarter, not harder.

These tools will ensure you stay on top of your schedules, finish tasks on time, and get more things done.

Our list gathers all kinds of apps to boost your productivity. From time management and online planners to apps designed to improve your focus and finish work faster, we have them all.

So, let’s get to it.

The Best Personal Productivity Apps

Goal Tracking and Habit Building


From getting a promotion to increasing profits and landing more clients, we all have our professional and personal goals. Ultimately, these goals drive us to be more productive as we strive to attain them.

The GoalsOnTrack app is a goal setting and management software. It helps you keep track of your S.M.A.R.T. goals and view the progress of your goals at a glance. The built-in journaling feature lets you write detailed information about your goals and progress.

The tool allows you to build action plans for reaching your goals so you can take focused action. It also assists in habit building to ensure consistent progress.

Cost: $68 per year, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Available for iOS 


Habitica isn’t your typical habit-tracking app. It uses a gamification approach to help boost productivity while fostering good habits in your daily life. The software is user-friendly and makes the entire process fun. Users get in-game rewards and punishments to push them to achieve their goals.

After you input your daily goals and desired habits, you can create a custom avatar. Each time you complete a task, you can ‘level up’ your avatar and unlock cool features, like quests and armor!

Cost: Free

Available for Android and iOS

Time Tracking


Few time tracking tools are as intuitive and user-friendly as Traqq. It’s one of the best free time tracking software for Mac, that also works on Windows OS. The app is designed to simplify keeping track of how much time you are spending on different tasks.

Knowing how you spend your time highlights some areas of improvement so you can get the most out of it.

So, what makes Traqq so special?

  • Detailed reports that give you insights into your work habits
  • Ethical monitoring so you can check on your remote workers without infringing their privacy
  • Offline time and activity tracking, so you can keep working even with no internet connection
  • Productivity tracking to highlight app and website usage, so you can make the necessary adjustments


  • Free for up to three users, with access to all the premium features
  • Premium Teams – $6 per seat per month

Available for macOS and Windows

Task Management

Before you commence working on any project, you must create a list of tasks. A task manager makes it easier to share, track and prioritize tasks.


Trello is one of the best apps for remote workers for managing workflow. Not only is it ideal for organizing projects, but it also has collaboration features that make sharing information with teammates simple.

Trello lets you group smaller tasks into “cards” and “boards”, which can be assigned to team members or groups. You can then add due dates to manage progress. The built-in automation takes care of tedious tasks so teams can focus on what really matters.

Plus, it integrates with plenty of other remote working apps for a seamless workflow.


  • Free plan
  • Standard – $5 per user per month
  • Premium – $10 per user per month
  • Enterprise – $17.50 per user per month


  • Browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Desktop app for macOS and Windows is another notable task management app for those interested in organizing their lives. It offers a to-do list, reminders, and a planner so you can stay on top of your tasks. You’ll like the voice-entry feature that lets you add items to your to-do list just by speaking. also integrates with your calendars and syncs across all your devices to let you access your tasks anywhere. Creating tasks and events is quick and easy. You can even create a smart grocery list to streamline your shopping experience.


  • 6 Months – $4.49 per month
  • 12 Months – $2.99 per month
  • 1 Month – $5.99, billed monthly

Available for Android, iOS, Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple Watch, and Android Wear

Reminder App


We all have levels of forgetfulness. Some forget less, others can’t remember what they wanted from the kitchen. If you feel you forget a lot, an app like Due will ensure you don’t skip anything in your schedule.

It lets you set important due dates and reminders, followed by persistent notifications that ensure you won’t ever forget a deadline or meeting ever again.

Due is highly customizable, and adding your next reminder has never been this easy. With preset time and the option to add or subtract time, you can set due dates with a single tap. It even lets you run multiple countdown timers at once.

Cost: $9.99 per month

Available for iPhone and Mac desktop

Due alternative. If you prefer an app that easily syncs across your Windows devices, you won’t go wrong with the Microsoft To-Do app. It has a mobile and desktop app to help you truly manage your to-do list online. It also doubles as a basic task management tool that breaks down tasks into simple steps. The app also lets you add due dates and reminders. And, it’s free of charge.



Smartphone addiction is real, and most people suffer from it, whether they know it or not. If you struggle to put your phone down to focus on a single task, open the Forest app and plant a tree. The tree will grow as long as you remain focused on the task and don’t touch the phone.

Exit the app before completing the task, and the tree dies. The more focused you are, the more trees grow, eventually turning into a forest. It’s fun, and users get rewarded with different tree species and calming sounds.

Cost: $1.99 with additional in-app purchases

Available for iOS and Android

Calendar App

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is another must-have remote working app to boost productivity while working remotely. It’s a popular cross-platform tool that offers easy scheduling tools for reminders, setting tasks, and appointments.

Google Calendar is an online calendar service that’s super easy to use to ensure you stay on top of tasks. It’s the perfect app for someone with a busy schedule, and who doesn’t want to miss a thing in their daily lives.

Cost: Free

Available for iOS and Android

Get Productive!

So, what are you waiting for? Find the best personal productivity apps to get started on working smarter, not harder. These apps will help you organize your work schedule to work seamlessly and manage your time to work more efficiently.

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