Simple tips on how to write an essay on a business topic

Are you a student? Do you major in Business or any related degree? Do writing tasks drain plenty of your time? This article will be discussing the most practical tips for writing a business essay from scratch! By the end of this guide, you will get a clear picture of how to complete a paper on business quickly.

            Of all the tasks students who study Business get, essay writing is the most common. Writing assignments are predominant in that they project various situations, making students do research, gather information, and apply decision-making and problem-solving skills.

            Students assigned with business essay writing have to take specific actions to complete the task successfully and get a reward in the form of a high grade. Let’s look closer at the steps every writer has to take to nail the assignment.

Preliminary reading

            Students rarely enrich their expertise before delving into writing. According to them, it takes too much time to do some reading and get familiar with the topic. Many even add, “I often lack time completing papers myself; frequently, I ask professionals to write an essay for me.” Since students are different these days in that lots of them have to work to repay loans and cover other expenses, it is no surprise that they turn to academic services. That’s why preliminary reading is widely–and wrongly–considered time-consuming.

            In reality, it is an excellent approach to writing the entire work. Not only does it help write a business essay fast, but it also surges the paper’s coherence and accuracy. Thus the first tip would be looking for reading materials and reading them from broad to specialized. You may think that everything you are doing is wasting your precious time. But doing a preliminary reading, the chances are you won’t get stuck because of the absence of sources, let alone insufficient knowledge.

            You can even combine preliminary reading with research. To do that, make sure to locate updated, reliable, and credible information. Since your topic is business-related, finding articles on web pages like Financial Times and Wall Street Journal would be the right approach. Once you complete this step, proceed to the question the task poses.

Learning direction words

            Every topic addresses an issue the writer has to explain; a problem the writer has to resolve; a statement the writer has to argue. This can go on and on, which is why it is critical to identify the assignment and understand what your job is. There are so many verbs that determine the writer’s actions that you can easily get lost. Notwithstanding, learning what you should do is pivotal. For instance, the instructor can design the main question that asks to:

  • Analyze
  • Criticize
  • Compare and contrast
  • Argue
  • Refute
  • Define
  • Explain
  • Describe

Some action words may require doing less, while others can do your head in. So ensure you are aware of the aim they carry.

Analyzing the audience

            Business essays, like any other works, rely on the audience. That is, no business will thrive if the target consumer isn’t interested in it. Doing analysis is vitally important to evaluate the audience, identify its purchasing power, preferences, and interests. The same goes with business essay writing, even if you are a student and your work will only be read by your teacher. Ask yourself:

  • What is my target reader interested in?
  • What preferences do they have?
  • Would they read my work?
  • What questions torment them the most?
  • Am I proficient in the topic to provide my audience with insights?

Finally, ask whether your paper is debatable, i.e., would your readers be able to discuss it? If not, your argument is likely just a fact. Make sure to replace it with a debatable idea.

Developing relevant ideas

            Developing ideas isn’t an easy task. Still, it is more than manageable to come up with top-notch concepts and make your paper revolve around them. When working on ideas, make sure they are linked to your topic. For instance, suppose your topic is about opening a firm in the fintech industry. In that case, whatever ideas pop up in your head, make sure they correspond with the field. To enhance your brainstorming, use specific techniques. They will allow you to focus on the activity and generate worthwhile ideas. You can use any method, as there are dozens of them on the Internet. In turn, we suggest applying mind-mapping, listing, and rapid ideation.

Mapping out the essay

            Likewise, many students might think of an outline as a sheet of paper unworthy of their time. But the truth is, laying out the paper’s key points, you create a roadmap that makes you better off in the long run in terms of the work’s coherence and time spent building the complete piece. It often has no structure, so you are free to write it in any form.

Following the right structure

            Every academic paper must meet the structure. A business essay is no exception to the rule. The exact structure strongly depends on the piece’s word count and individual requirements. Besides, academic institutions reserve the right to set their own expectations of what essays should look like. Nonetheless, ensure including an introduction, body, and conclusion in your business essay. You may also need to add a synopsis, appendices, and other additional items.

Checking the draft

            Writing the first draft shouldn’t stress you out. Nor should it take too much time. Here, the primary point is to look at your work and determine its strengths and weaknesses. First off, check the coherence. Your topic sentences must refer to the thesis statement. Also, make sure to polish mechanics and correct grammar and punctuation mistakes.

            Last but not least, watch your references. While they might at first glance look excellent, they can portray information inadequately, lowering your work’s overall quality. Check whether they fall into the relevant formatting style and have no errors.

Bottom Line

            In the beginning, you can find writing a business essay a challenging task. However, practice makes perfect. And by the time you compose several papers, you will know all the basics that will help you create a piece quickly and successfully. Hopefully, you found this article valuable to you and shared it with others. We are anxious to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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