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Square vs. Hexagonal Outdoor Umbrella

Square, Rectangular, Hexagonal, Octagonal – custom outdoor umbrellas come in many shapes and sizes. But which one should you choose for your personal space? What goes best with your business? It can get confusing sometimes. After all, a custom outdoor umbrella is meant to be a chic and beneficial accessory. 

In this blog we discuss the key differences between square and the octagonal outdoor umbrellas because these are the two shapes buyers tend to prefer the most. Read on!

Shape vs. Area

To understand this section, we need to go back to some basic math. Don’t worry! We will keep it simple. You see, when we are talking about an 8 feet octagonal market umbrella, we are referring to its diameter being 8 feet. A bit of math gives us its area – 42.25 sq. ft. 

For a square market umbrella, the calculation changes. An 8 ft. square umbrella has sides that are each 8 ft. long. Once more, a bit of math gives us its area – 64 sq. ft. 

So, you see! A square outdoor umbrella covers more area than an octagonal outdoor umbrella of the same denomination. So, if you are looking to cover a lot of space and the square shape suits your taste, go for a square umbrella. Of course, you need to spend more on the square outdoor umbrella compared to its hexagonal sibling because of its larger canopy. 

What shape is your outdoor space?

The choice of shape of an outdoor umbrella has a lot to do with your outdoor space. It can’t be a random choice. After all, an outdoor umbrella must amplify the ambience of your décor. Look at your unutilised space carefully. Is it a garden or a plain old backyard? Is it a poolside? Are you planning to make use of a sidewalk with an outdoor café umbrella? The choice of the shape of the umbrella depends on two things: 

  1. the area you intend to give a facelift to. 
  2. the overall décor of your place. 

A traditional setup with round tables suits the more conservative octagonal shape. Garden tables and chairs, for instance, look cooler beneath a traditional octagonal outdoor umbrella. The octagonal shape is in harmony with the overall décor of a traditional setup and gives it a subtle but necessary facelift. An octagonal restaurant umbrella really looks the part in a quaint restaurant. 

Nature has more round shapes than angular ones! The geometry of the octagonal umbrella really shines in the midst of foliage. 

The square outdoor umbrella has a more contemporary design language. It goes well with poolside setups and VIP lounges. When the sun takes on an unforgiving avatar, your square outdoor umbrella will give much needed shade to your customers. They will love the creature comfort you provide and your special guests can chat without breaking a sweat.  

The design language

If you don’t mind your umbrella-stand being the centre-piece of a seating area, go for the octagonal outdoor umbrella. If you think the centre-stand is an unwanted interference, you can always switch to the octagonal cantilever umbrella

A vibrant palette, a two-tiered top, a striped motif or a cool valance to go with everything – you are spoilt for choice when it comes to customising your octagonal outdoor umbrella. The natural harmony in the octagonal shape makes it a timeless fashion statement. 

A square canopy has bolder lines and uninterrupted edges. All this makes for an avant-garde architectural language. It is for those who don’t mind experimenting with design themes. 

The side post of a cantilever umbrella really goes well with a square canopy. It creates a bold, yet noninterfering design theme. Solid colours with deep hues for the canopy and a robust brushed-aluminium frame can make the square outdoor umbrella stand out as a bold fashion statement. 

Ultimately it’s your choice

Square or hexagonal – ultimately it is you who has to decide what suits your aesthetics best. Outdoor branded umbrellas manufacturer offers a variety of bespoke services to their customers. Think of the custom outdoor umbrella as a canvas where your design ideas can be brought to life without compromising on quality. Think of the custom outdoor umbrella as a canvas where your design ideas can be brought to life without compromising on quality. 

From the fabric of the canopy to the finish on the metal frame, you can choose from a wide variety of options. It is you who must decide what your custom outdoor umbrella stands for – a brand image or a personal statement.

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