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Top 5 staircase design trends for 2022

After a year spending more time at home than we would’ve liked, most of us have undoubtedly been left full of ideas of how we can give our living spaces a breath of fresh air.

While most of us naturally have tons of design ideas for our bedrooms, lounges and kitchens, it’s harder to think of unique ideas for staircases.

If you’re thinking about giving your staircase a makeover in the New Year and need some inspiration, here’s some of the most stunning stairway trends we expect to see in 2022. 

Glass staircases

If you’re looking to add an elegant, modern touch to your home, then a glass staircase is the way forward.

No other material allows light to flow through the home the way glass does, and it visibly brightens up any area it’s fitted. 

There’s nothing like a glass staircase to create a truly contemporary feel.

It’s sleek and minimal lines harmonise with all kinds of materials and décor styles, Floating Stairs and you can even combine it with other materials, like wood or metal, for a design totally unique to you.

Not only is glass aesthetically excellent, it’s also incredibly strong.

You can count on a glass staircase being around for many years.

White oak staircases 

This classic isn’t going anywhere.

White oak is an incredible all-rounder and is considered the industry standard in terms of staircase design.

Fitting seamlessly into almost every interior style, white oak can lighten up any area of your home.

Its beautiful, deep grain pattern works wonderfully in both traditional and modern interiors.

Last, but not least, white oak makes for an extremely durable hardwood, and you can expect it to last a long time.

Black oak staircases 

If you’re diving fully into the sleek, monochrome aesthetic for your interior project, black oak is surely one for you to keep in mind for your staircase design.

Black oak benefits from many of the same incredible properties as white oak as well as some of its own unique benefits to offer certain design styles.

Admittedly though, it isn’t for everyone and is often best adjusted to interior styles that rely on extreme contrast – between black or dark grey and white features.

You could pair black oak with stainless steel details, for the perfect modern monochrome effect.

Feature walls

Feature walls have been popping up everywhere over the last couple of years and the trend is expected to continue in 2022.

Feature wallpaper is one of the best ways to put your own unique stamp on your home, and with a world of different patterns, colours and styles to choose from – whatever you pick will be totally bespoke to you.

Try pairing your wallpaper with glass panels, allowing natural light to flow onto your new canvas for maximum effect – you really can’t go wrong.

Grey carpets 

Carpets are already a popular fixture of modern hallways design, and we expect to see a lot more carpets cropping up in contemporary style homes in the coming years, grey carpets especially.

Grey is often the perfect choice for a hallway carpet, as it matches with a diverse range of colour palettes and stands out just the right amount – it won’t take away from any other standout features of your hallway, like a beautiful wooden staircase for example.

Give your staircase a well-deserved makeover in 2022

With the new year comes waves of both inspiration and motivation – why not use these to renovate your staircase? 

It’s important you choose materials and colours wisely; you want your stairs to stand out, but not for the wrong reasons

Whether you want a whole new set of stairs or just need to replace a few small parts, a fresh look to complement your interior will really help bring everything together in 2022.

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