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Taking Care of Your Scrap with Allied Salvage & Metals Ltd.

Mining takes a toll on the environment, defacing the earth, using up precious natural resources and generating a huge carbon footprint. Recycling metal from demolitions, out of use machinery, appliances, and even empty soda cans doesn’t just require less effort than mining but is much better for the environment too. In fact, estimates suggest that the process of recycling steel emits 58 percent less CO2 than making steel from scratch and requires 56 percent less energy too while the recycling of aluminium only takes around 5 percent of the energy required to produce the original metal. Aluminium, copper, and steel are among the most widely recycled metals, but most others can be reused too.

While the mantra of recycling is currently being chanted all the time, Allied Salvage & Metals has been putting it into practice long before it became mainstream.

The Story Behind Allied Salvage & Metals

Allied Salvage & Metals was started way back in 1952 by Isador Weinstein, who started the company by peddling for materials and recycling them along with a couple of employees. While many scrap companies are now owned by huge corporates, Allied Salvage is still family-run and owned.

Isador Weinstein was joined by his son George, who helped expand the business to new locations and markets. Today, the company is led by Arthur Weinstein, Isador’s grandson, who has been the president since 1985 while his son Ian represents the fourth generation of Weinsteins working in the company.

With a family history of recycling scrap materials for more than 70 years, the original values and principles that inspired the formation of the business – environmentalism, conservation, recycling, and hard work still run strong.

Arthur Weinstein likens what they do to “mining the surface of the world”, decreasing reliance on conventional mining and prolonging human access to natural resources. Under Arthur’s leadership, the company has grown to new heights becoming a leader in scrap recycling owning trucks, cranes, shears, balers and excavators that allows them to accommodate the needs of all our local customers as well as expand on a global level.

Services Provided by Allied Salvage & Metals

The company offers cash for scrap, metal recycling, demolition services, and scrap metal pickup. It processes a variety of metals, including copper, insulated copper wire, steel, and more. They accept a large variety of ferrous and nonferrous metals including brass, aluminum, stainless steel, tin and cast iron along with complete cars, wet cars and various parts including brake rotors, brake drums and clean stripped engine blocks.

Some of the services that the company provides are:

Bin service: The company can deliver and pick up bins of various sizes to collect scrap metal from customers’ premises. The bins are free of charge and can be scheduled for regular or one-time service.

Demolition service: The company can handle demolition projects of any size and scope, from residential to industrial. The company can provide all the necessary equipment, labour, and permits to dismantle and remove structures and materials safely and efficiently.

Recycling service: The company can recycle various types of metals, such as copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, iron, lead, zinc, nickel, and more. The company can also process catalytic converters, batteries, radiators, electric motors, transformers, and other scrap items.

Truck service: The company also offers truck services to the entire Lower Mainland. 135 containers in a variety of sizes as required can be delivered to a job site and left for loading. Once the containers are full, they are picked up and replaced with empty containers if necessary.

Competitive Rates and Great Customer Service

Allied Salvage pays competitive prices for scrap metal based on market rates. While their customers appreciate getting top dollar, they absolutely love the customer service they get with high praise from long-time customers to completely new ones – no matter how large or small their consignments. Their Google reviews prove it.

“I’ve been dealing with Allied for over 10 years. Always fair and the service is great. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Andrew R

“First time here and I am very impressed with the staff’s friendliness and helpfulness. Professional business. Highly recommended.

2nd visit today… still highly recommended. Professional and helpful.”

–    HarwoodThe knowledgeable team at Allied Salvage & Metals is here to help you with all your scrap needs. Get in touch with them by phone or via their website when you need a recycling facility that is good for the planet without sacrificing efficiency.

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