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PDFs are excellent for sharing files with colleagues, clients, and others who need to view your document. It allows you to retain every last important detail, maintaining the integrity of your file. However, if you use PDFs for a complex range of things, you’d know that manipulating PDFs can be pretty difficult. It is sometimes incredibly frustrating to edit as formats often do not come out well. The more popular tools used for converting and editing PDFs are pretty expensive and the free ones too basic in functionality. Many free tools promise much and offer little, but the iTop PDF editor is not so.

The iTop PDF editor is a one-stop solution to the difficulty of editing and converting PDFs. While most tools are exclusively for converting, this software allows you to both read and edit PDFs, bypassing the extra trouble of toggling between tabs. You can edit PDFs, compress them, or convert  PDF to Word and several other file formats.

Why the iTop PDF Editor is A Top Choice


Ease of Use & Multi-functionality

The iTop PDF editor is for everyone. Whether you are a business owner, a student, or just needing to sign off on a document, it is easy to use and straightforward. You can do several things with this tool; you can annotate a document, edit to move certain elements, or add links.

Free and Efficient


The more popular tools that can convert and edit PDFs are quite expensive, and this is not an option for small businesses and individuals. The iTop PDF editor allows you to carry out comprehensive editing tasks, and you can download it and access primary features for free.

Light and Powerful

If you want a PDF converting software that does not take up space, is fast, and can fulfil all PDF manipulating features without lagging, iTop is the choice for you. The software is small-sized and executes requests fast; you can expect seamless processes and higher productivity. 

What Can You Use the iTop PDF Editor For?

This PDF editor has many features that will make your work easier and increase your productivity. Here are some things this software helps you do;

Convert Your PDFs

With iTop PDF editor, you can convert a PDF document in mere seconds. You can expect high-quality conversions without the usual loss of formats. You can convert your PDF to any file format of choice, be it PPF, Word or Excel. Plus, if you have multiple files to convert and are short on time, this powerful PDF editor lets you convert files in batches to save time! You can also convert files with other formats to PDF using this tool.

iTop PDF Editor

Edit PDFs

You can do so much with this PDF editor. There is a tool for all your needs, whether it concerns editing the PDF content or annotating, adding text, watermarks, and links. This editor allows you to customize your stamp to your document, include images and manipulate text characters such as font sizes and styles. This PDF Editor is that all-in-one tool you need.

iTop PDF Editor

Manage and Organize PDF pages

The iTop PDF editor has features that allow you to organize and rearrange PDF pages. You can create more pages, insert elements, replace, and rotate as you need. Encrypting your pages is also made easy with this tool; you can password-protect your files and protect any sensitive information.

Explore other helpful PDF tools

Other helpful features that you will find helpful with this PDF editor include the easy file compression and seamless PDF splits and combinations it allows you to execute. You can also create and add an e-signature to your files.

iTop PDF Editor

If you have a PDF document that needs a little help, or you work heavily with PDFs and need an affordable all-in-one tool, the iTop PDF editor is the solution you need. The free version allows you access to basic features, but with the premium version, the solutions are endless.

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