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The Evolution of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography has changed over the years. Now, many weddings are structured around capturing and sharing the wedding at a later date — through video, digital images, and an expectation of more photographs than ever before. 

Two niche genres that have played a role in this evolution are boudoir photography and photo booth rentals for the guests. 

Boudoir Photography: Embracing Intimacy

Boudoir photography is a style of portraiture that uses lingerie, fabrics, and dresses which will showcase a woman’s beauty and confidence. Brides will sometimes bring in their veils, honeymoon lingerie or wedding shoes to be photographed. While there is no industry standard for the genre, most images have an intimate mood. 

The photographer will then put together an album that is given as a gift on their wedding day. Some brides will pick wall art to display in the couple’s house. 

Enhanced Self-Confidence

Many brides-to-be choose to have boudoir photos taken before their weddings. These sessions empower them and allow them to embrace their self-confidence and also take some time out during the hectic season of planning a wedding. 

According to a Rhode Island Boudoir Photographer, the leading reason women book a boudoir session is because it gives a boost to their self confidence and improved body image. The best boudoir photographers will provide hair, makeup, clothing to ensure the best results. 

Intimate Gift 

A boudoir session provides an opportunity for brides and grooms to capture intimate moments before their big day. The photographs capture a lasting memory that highlights the special relationship of the couple.

Photo Booth Rentals: Gifts for Wedding Guests

Photo booth rentals have become a staple at weddings, offering an interactive experience for guests to get their own photographs from the wedding day. According to a Photobooth Rental in Rhode Island, modern guests expect digital delivery of images, ability to share on social media and a customizable experience. 

Guest Engagement

Who doesn’t love to take pictures with family and friends? Photo booth rentals engage wedding guests, and often offer them a printed or digital copy of their capture.  Wedding guests can take candid, silly, or heartfelt photos.

Instant Gratification

Photo booths provide instant photo prints, allowing guests to take home tangible keepsakes from the wedding. These prints often include customized personal touches such as the couple’s names and the wedding date.

Diverse and Creative Backdrops

Photo booth setups come with various backdrop options, allowing couples to choose themes that align with their wedding style.

Boudoir photography and photo booth rentals are just two examples of how the industry of weddings and photography are evolving. As these niches continue to grow, they will continue to shape the future of wedding photography and add to the full experience of the celebration. Wedding photography is no longer limited to documenting the ceremony but has expanded to encompass the entire love story, from intimate moments to shared laughter and joy.


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