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The Wilds Season 2: What’s The Release Date On Amazon Prime Video?

The Wilds is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know when Season 2 is coming out, read on! Survival stories have become quite common in recent years. Especially since they are driven by character. Such productions really appeal to our primal instincts. And at the same time, we can’t help but put ourselves in the shoes of the protagonists. For an explanation of the end of the first season, read this.

The Wilds is one of those stories that fuels tension with teenage angst. Some girls are on their way to retirement when their plane crashes. So they must work together to ensure their own survival on a desert island. So can we expect a second season of The Wilds in the near future? We tell you everything!

What Is The Release Date Of Season 2 Of The Wilds?

The first season of The Wilds was released on December 11, 2020, on Amazon Prime. All ten episodes aired on the same day. The series was acclaimed for its fresh approach to the genre with a brilliant script. At the moment, there is no news about the second season of The Wilds. However, given the danger at the end, the story more than likely won’t end right away. Therefore, if the series is renewed for season 2, we can expect the release date of season 2 of The Wilds to be in 2022 or later.

What Can We Expect From The Sequel Of The Wilds?

The first season of The Wilds features a group of girls who are facing some kind of emotional distress in their lives. Their parents or relatives decide to send them on a retreat called Dawn of Eve. However, their plane crashes and the girls find themselves stranded on a desert island. As the series unfolds, we find out that this was all planned and not an accident.

In regards to season 2 of The Wilds, it is highly likely that the last experiment seen at the end of season 1 will be discussed in detail. Also, we could learn a lot more about Gretchen’s past and motivations. However, only time will tell which way the creators end up going. However, we expect the same level of mystery and intrigue if the series is renewed. On the casting side, if the second season of The Wilds premieres. We hope that the still-living character actors return.

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