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Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2: What’s The Release Date?

Tonikakuu Kawaii ended its first season. If you want to know everything about the second season of Tonikakuu Kawaii, read on. Inspired by the manga series written and illustrated by Kenjiro Hata, Tonikakuu Kawai is an anime that tells the unconventional love story of Nasa Yuzaki and Tsukasa Tsukuyomi, who first marry and then fall in love. NASA, a quiet and bright teenager, is about to take an entrance exam to an elite school.

But his life takes a sharp turn when he is involved in a near-fatal car accident. He is saved by Tsukasa. As soon as he sees her, the rest of the world fades into darkness. He confesses his love for her. She accepts on one condition: they will marry first. NASA then drops out of school to prepare for his life with Tsukasa. Years go by, but NASA does not forget the promise he made to the woman of his dreams. When he turns 18, she will return and they will begin their journey together.

After its release, the series quickly became one of the most popular romantic anime series in recent years. The first season of the series has recently ended. Many of you must be wondering when Tonikakuu Kawaii season 2 will be released. This is what we know.

What Is The Release Date Of Season 2 Of Tonikakuu Kawaii?

The first season of Tonikaku Kawaii premiered on October 3, 2020, and was followed by 12 episodes before ending on December 19, 2020. As for Tonikaku Kawaii season 2, the producer, Seven Arcs Studios, has yet to air. an official statement on the matter.

But a Tonikaku Kawaii OVA has been announced. It will be released in 2021. This announcement indicates that it is only a matter of time before the anime is renewed. Which will likely happen before the OVA is released. Therefore, the Tonikaku Kawaii season 2 release date will likely be set for late 2021 or early 2022.

What Can We Expect Next?

The finale, titled “Husband and Wife,” concludes Season 1 on a high note. Showing how much the relationship between NASA and Tsukasa has evolved since she appeared on her doorstep. NASA has a cold because they tried too hard at work. Although she tries to assure Tsukasa that she is fine. She doesn’t believe it for a second and declares that it is her duty as her wife to care for him.

Later, they put on their yukatas and go to the summer festival together. They spend the day at the festival site and buy Takoyaki from one of the vendors. They meet Aya and Chitose playing the game of goldfish and visit the shrine to offer a prayer. At dusk, as fireworks light up the sky, NASA becomes a reflection of her happiness for her life and the woman she shares it with.

The first season features the content of the first 80 chapters of the original manga series. Tonikaku Kawaii season 2 could be based on chapter 81 and the following. It could show how the relationship between NASA and Tsukasa continues to develop. Kaname Arisugawa could continue to give the couple suggestive advice. Chitose Kaginoji might finally start to open up to the possibility that she and NASA are friends.

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