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TV Unit Buying Guide

A TV unit is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a living room. When you buy a TV unit online, it not only serves the purpose of holding your entertainment unit but is also useful to store and/or display many things like books, photos, and other decor. When it comes to styles, they range from minimal to classic to elegant, and the sheer variety of these TV units makes it a challenging task to pick the ideal one for your home. To help mitigate this, below is a TV unit buying guide, using which you can buy an impactful one from retailers like Wakefit.

Factors to Consider when Buying a TV Unit Online

No matter whether it be moving into a new home, renovating an old living room, or purchasing a TV; choosing from among all of the available TV stand designs can be quite the task – though making your selection will become simpler by keeping certain factors in mind before making your selection decision. Here is our handy checklist before you purchase that may help:

Size of the TV

The TV that you currently have or plan to purchase is the foremost consideration to make when deciding the measurements and size of the TV stand design. If you already have a flat TV, then the depth of the unit does not matter. But if you have a large back panel, then you should also measure the depth of the stand and the TV so that it does not overhang. However, most TV sets that are available now are sleek and slim, so only the height and length matter. The TV dimensions you have should be the starting point for your TV unit design, and it should accommodate the TV comfortably with a few inches of space on both sides. If you have a large TV, you would need a large TV unit and use the space available on either side by having shelves stacked on both sides with space in between for TV. For this, you should measure the screen dimensions properly to get the right fit.

Wall Mounted or TV Stand

While there are many designs of TV units, they all fall into two broad categories; TV wall units and TV stand units. Wall-mounted units need an accompanying console in order to store accessories such as remote controls and CDs; the main advantage being it doesn’t take up valuable floor space in your living area and looks more aesthetic than any alternative method would. On the other hand, floor standing TV stands can serve various functions; they may store TV accessories, serve as wall decor, etc.

Size of the Room

When it comes to picking the size of the furniture pieces, visual balance is one of the key elements to consider. Furniture should fit seamlessly into its environment; for instance, in a small living room featuring sofa, coffee table and other furnishings such as an armchair. Therefore, to maximize floor space you should invest in a smaller TV unit; perhaps wall-mounted would work best so there is less clutter on the floor surface. Conversely, in larger and spacious living areas search for wooden TV stands that cover full wall length with larger-sized television sets attached on them.

When it comes to the position in which the TV unit has to be placed, for comfortable viewing, the TV should be placed in a way that the screen’s lower half is in line of sight when you sit. So if you are using a low couch, the TV unit height should be short, and if you are using tall chairs, invest in a tall TV stand.


TV cabinets should be made from durable and sturdy materials so that they can endure the weight of the TV and the accessories. So it is recommended that you not purchase inferior quality TV units and instead choose the best materials and hardware for the construction. Materials like solid wood or engineered wood are a great option. They are not only sturdy but also eco-friendly and they come in many amazing designs. They are durable, last a long time, and are also reasonably priced.

Style and Decor

Answer the following questions before you choose the TV cupboard designs. What is the theme of your living room? What is the colour and material of the other furniture pieces? Depending on the answers to these questions, you can choose a TV unit that blends with the other furniture pieces. Your TV unit is the statement piece of furniture for your living room, and you should choose something that complements the interiors. If you want something that is stylish and has clean lines, then opt for a wall-mounted unit. If you prefer a classic style, there are many wooden TV unit designs with ornate handles and other accessories that make for an elegant focal point. A general rule, whether you purchase a modern TV unit or a traditional one, is that it should not look separate from others. Look for options that blend with your living room style.

Storage Requirements

If your TV unit is going to double up as a storage unit as well, you should opt for vertical shelves and drawers below the TV unit. You can also opt for storage like open shelves, closed cabinets, and drawers. Open shelves can be used for keeping items that are frequently used. Closed cabinets are useful to hide the clutter. Most TV units come with cut-outs for hiding ugly wires. On the other hand, if you want to only place your TV, then opt for something that has very little storage with one or a few drawers. Determine your storage requirements before picking your TV unit.


TV units come in many budgets, and a stylish and sleek unit is costlier compared to a simple one. The materials, the size, the design, and the storage are all determining factors in the cost of the TV unit. Always opt for a unit that is durable even if it means you have to stretch your budget a little as it can affect the longevity and its usability.


A TV cupboard is an important part of the living room decor. It can be a minimal but functional piece of furniture or a large TV stand design that can store all your media, gaming devices, etc as well as display decor, books and more. Plus it can also be used for storage making it a multi-utility furniture. Follow the above guide to the perfect TV stand for your living room.

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