Vue.js Developers vs React Developers: Whom To Hire in 2022

React and Vue.js are two of the major JavaScript frameworks used for front-end development and UI design. Every website caters for smooth, interactive, and visually appealing UI, and React and Vue.js frameworks help deliver that. Hiring Vue.js developers or React developers, for a matter of fact, requires a vision and roadmap for the success of your development efforts.

Facebook developed the React framework while a former Google employee built the Vue.js framework. It integrated all the best features of the earlier frameworks like Angular, Ember, etc., into one single framework.

In this article, we will explore which developers you should hire for your organization to ensure maximum results in your workflow. You can hire either Vue.js developers or React developers, as both will help you build intuitive and interactive applications.

Similarities Between Vue.js And React Framework 

So before diving into different features of both of these frameworks, let’s have a look at what these two frameworks have in common:

  • Virtual DOM structure: Both the frameworks use Virtual DOM. It is a derivative of DOM, where each element is a Javascript object. In simplest terms, a virtual copy of the ideal DOM is kept in memory, and as changes occur, it updates this virtual DOM rather than calling the actual DOM. When it’s time to render, it’ll make explicit adjustments to the sections of the real DOM that need to be changed. This approach saves a lot of time and increases the performance of the frameworks.
  • Component-based libraries: There is an excessive amount of libraries available for the React and Vue.js frameworks for various components. These libraries make the code reusable and improve developers’ productivity. They also make the development process considerably faster.
  • Component libraries for mobile devices: There are specific libraries used to develop mobile devices’ functionalities. Initially, it was only available with React, but it has also been integrated into the Vue framework and has official component libraries.

Differences Between React and Vue.js 

As we have discussed the similarities between these frameworks, it is essential to understand their differences.

  • Syntax: This is a fundamental difference between React and Vue.js frameworks. In Vue.js, HTML templates are available with the added functionality of using JSX. On the other hand, React only allows using JSX, making it a bit complicated. Vue.js traditionally separates concerns into HTML, CSS, and JS, making it very user-friendly for the newbies, whereas in React, the learning curve is very steep. Vue.js developers have a more straightforward yet effective framework for interface development.
  • Documentation: In this comparison of Vue.js vs. React, the main annoyance with the Vue.js platform is that most of its documentation is in Chinese, whereas with React, all the documentation is available in English, making it easier for developers from across the globe to understand and comprehend the language.

Pros and Cons of Vue vs React

The pros and cons of React and Vue.js frameworks are as follows:

  • Pros of React JS
    • It is effortless to remove dead code in React because it organizes code very neatly, and with that, the readability of code increases considerably. Eliminating dead code also makes the applications responsive.
    • Large community: There is a huge community of React developers providing support and collaboration to each other as and when needed.
  • Cons of React
    • React is very complex because it uses its own JSX extension of the syntax combining Java and HTML. It is hard to learn as compared to plain JavaScript.
    • Primary focus on view: As React framework is based on MVC architecture, it will only focus on the view layer. So, you have to use other platforms and frameworks for the complete functioning of your application.

Some of the pros and cons of the Vue.js framework are listed below:

  • Pros of Vue JS
    • Easy migration: Vue.js is very progressive and easy to implement. If you hire Vue.js developers, they will be able to integrate this framework even in the middle of the application development process.
    • Small size: As newer versions of Vue.js keep coming up, it is getting lighter and faster and consumes fewer resources.
  • Cons of Vue.js
    • Community: Vue.js has a very small community, which is also based in countries such as China and around. Therefore, getting support and documentation in English is very difficult for Vue.js developers.
    • Vue.js has a small community, and it is a young framework. When adopted for large-scale projects, it becomes tough for less experienced Vue.js developers to handle the situation, troubleshoot bugs, and fix the errors.

If you hire Vue.js developers for enterprise-level, there can be a possibility that you might run into hiccups that are entirely new for the community. These issues can take some time to get resolved.

Vue.js Developers vs React developers: Whom to Hire? 

Consider hiring a developer who benefits your organization in the long run. If you have a clear vision and a future roadmap, you can decide if you want to hire React JS developers or Vue.js developers. There are various factors you should consider before hiring either of them, such as:-

  • Talent availability: Though Vue.js is fundamentally easier to learn, the abundance of React developers is considerably more than that of Vue.js developers. Hiring Vue.js developers is difficult because the talent pool is comparably smaller. One of the reasons behind this trend is that most JavaScript developers are likely to become web application developers and prefer to learn React framework.
  • The popularity of the framework: Though React is a popular framework among developers, Vue.js is catching up with time. As the popularity of the Vue.js framework grows, the community for this framework will also increase, which will result in more stability and a larger pool of talented Vue.js developers from around the world.
  • Cost to company: On an average, React JS developer salary is in the range between 20-100$ per hour, depending on the expertise and experience of the developers, as React is more aligned for enterprise-level work. However, If you want developers to work on small to medium-size projects, you can hire Vue.js developers, costing you around $70,000- $120,000 per year.

Once you have listed all your requirements, it becomes easier to measure the efficiency of your hiring process and decide which developers to hire. Both React developers and Vue.js developers can be valuable resources for your firm and contribute to building highly scalable and reliable applications. Once you know which developers will meet your business requirements, you can start the hiring process. More information about the common problems and risks associated with hiring React developers can be found here

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