What are the benefits of offering plumber after hours?

If an accident or any other unforeseen situation occurs, there is no option other than contacting plumber after hours. In fact, a professional master always arrives on time at the site and, with prompt actions, prevents the threat of flooding of the premises and ensures the further uninterrupted functioning of the water supply, sewage and heating systems.

When to call after hours plumbing service?

We definitely need an emergency plumbing service when an accident with plumbing systems takes place at your house or your neighbors’. It is difficult for the owner of the house to solve it on his own without qualifications and appropriate equipment. Neighbors flood an apartment from above, a flooded basement of a high-rise building, your pipes are leaking… In such and many other cases, a plumber after hours comes to the rescue.

In an emergency situation, you need to act confidently and without delay. A professional plumber has the necessary experience and skills for this. It is equipped with the professional tools to handle the problem as soon as possible. There is a variety of high-quality plumber services in Ellenbrook for the repair of sewage networks, water pipes and heating.

What information should be given to the plumbing emergency service?

In order for the technicians to respond as effectively as possible, provide complete information about the breakdown during the call:

  • name the device that caused the problem;
  • describe the emergency situation in detail;
  • specify problematic engineering communications: sewerage, heating, cold and hot water supply systems.

This information will allow after hours plumbing service to assess the situation in absentia, determine the type and complexity of the plumbing repair, select the necessary equipment, and calculate the cost of eliminating the emergency situation.

Priority requests, where the emergency plumbing service is sent first:

  • flooding of the apartment;
  • clogging of the sewage system;
  • battery breakdown.

After that, the dispatcher sends this data to emergency service specialists. The entire procedure of transferring information, assembling all necessary elements for repair takes no more than 30 minutes. 

Reasons for choosing plumber after hours

Advantages of contacting emergency plumbers:

  • professional assistance in eliminating accidents of any complexity;
  • 24/7 availability;
  • availability of equipment, inventory, components and consumables;
  • prompt response to a plumber’s call;
  • affordable price.

The  plumber after hours will make an emergency visit and perform any plumbing work:

  • installation and replacement of sewage and water pipes;
  • elimination of leakage;
  • installation and connection of any household appliances (washing machine and dishwasher, water heaters of all types);
  • installation of showers, bathtubs, toilets;
  • sewer cleaning;
  • heating repair;
  • arrangement of towel rails.

Before the arrival of specialists, you can consult with dispatchers on how to independently reduce the consequences of an emergency situation. This prevents property damage and saves you money. The emergency service works 24 hours a day, specialists are on call on weekends and holidays, even in negative temperatures. This is especially relevant when the public utility services do not answer phone calls, and there is no time to wait. Depending on the severity of the problem, professionals will perform their work as fast as possible to make their clients satisfied!

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