What Degree Do You Need To Be A Tattoo Artist


You are looking to become a professional tattoo artist and have many amazing works. Probably “What degree do you need to be a tattoo artist?” would be one of the first questions you have to answer.

Many believe that this job will not require a degree at all. People who do this job need to have a natural artistic talent or a good hand. Our article will show you a different perspective on this trendy job.

What Is The Job Of An Art Tattooist? (100w)

One tattoo artist would be someone who uses permanent ink to make an image or inscriptions on customers’ skin. It is accomplished by infusing ink beneath their skin’s surface via a tiny needle puncture. 

Having a tattoo has been one of the earliest art forms; in prehistoric days, tattoos were used for more than just adornment; they were also used for religious meaning or even as a status symbol.

After their tattoo has been put to the skin, the region must be maintained clean to prevent infection and good healing. The customer will be educated on appropriate aftercare by tattoo artists.

What Equipment And Tools Do They Need? 

Here are some basic supplies for tattooing that every artist should have.

Chair Or Bed

The tattoo chair and bed are frequently cushioned so that the client feels comfortable throughout the tattooing procedure. This helps to alleviate discomfort.

This is typically a strong bed having six legs as well as a load capacity of around 500kg. The backrest, arms, and legs of a chair are all adjustable.

Tattoo Machine

Rotary tattoo and coil tattoo equipment are the main two kinds of tattooing devices. The most significant considerations to picking a decent tattoo machine are the wiring core and casing.

Tattoo Ink

These are pigments suspended in the carrier solution. The most frequent and safest carrier substances include ethanol, propylene glycol, pure water, glycerin, and witch hazel.

The essential thing to remember is that low-quality inks of unknown origin should never be purchased since they contain numerous toxic compounds that can cause infections or serious problems.


The tattoo needle is regarded as the most crucial component. It can be used to stroll around the perimeter of a tattoo. It includes tattoo ink that is “hidden” in cluster slots. Since the needle deeply penetrates the epidermis, it is critical to clean as well as disinfect the needle tips.

Sanitary Kit

It comprises cotton, gauze, and bandages, all required by tattoo artists. This is because you must perform several tasks such as applying anesthetics, cleaning ink, and using sterile bandages.

What Degree Do You Need To Be A Tattoo Artist (300w)

Even though no degree is expected to become a tattoo artist, an individual must have natural creative aptitude and originality. 

Attending art courses in high school to gain diverse talents is a terrific place to start. In addition, some formal art instruction might help you concentrate your enthusiasm into paper and, ultimately, skin.

Typical Degrees

All designing and art institutions and many regular colleges and universities provide fundamental arts degrees. You learn the fundamentals of design abstraction or hone your artistic talents by generating artwork for various applications.

Furthermore, they assist you in approaching thorough information on tattooing safety tips as well as the prerequisites of becoming a tattooist.

An Alternative To A High School Degree

You can also take General Educational Development classes (GED). GED is accepted as an alternative to the high school diploma by technical institutions, some universities, and businesses. 

You gain fundamental language arts information, including three academic skills in writing, grammar, written essays, and reading examinations.

Extra Certificates

Following the completion of your apprenticeship, the very next stage is to get multiple certifications and complete extensive training courses to fulfill your country’s tattoo licensing requirements.

Since one tattooist’s canvas is real skin, observing health and safety precautions is critical. Tattoo artists must obtain certification in critical measures to avoid bloodborne diseases.

Furthermore, it is critical to learn about tattoo-related medical problems such as Hepatitis C, HIV, or other infections.

Some nations require people to have completed Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training as well as a first-aid qualification certificate. 

An effective first-aid training course and certification program will prepare you to cope with a wide range of medical problems by addressing the whole range of common injuries, wounds, as well as other conditions.


We hope that by following “What degree do you need to be a tattoo artist?” with some questions and information above, you will be able to learn about how to be a tattoo artist.

In particular, the more effort you devote to honing your tattoo abilities, the more skilled you become as an artist. Beginner tattooists should attend tattooing artist schools or graphic arts courses to gain experience with tattoo machines.

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