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What Did Elizabeth Holmes Do Elizabeth Holmes’ Shenanigans

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Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty of defrauding shareholders. The jury found Holmes guilty of four counts. It has been a hot topic in Canada , and the United States. She has been found guilty of conspiracy and fraud. The verdict has made the question How Did Elizabeth Holmes Do very relevant. Over fifty days were spent deliberating on the verdict by the jury. This article will cover the facts and deliberations.

Who is Elizabeth Holmes,

Elizabeth Holmes founded Theranos in order to revolutionize blood-testing mechanics. This company created new methods for these tests. Holmes was named the United States’ wealthiest female billionaire. She was later indicted by an American court on fraud charges. She was charged by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission with fraud.

What Did Elizabeth Holmes do ? It becomes clear that she allegedly deceived investors about Theranos’ accuracy in blood testing technology. The case was settled, but she was indicted in June by a federal grand jury. The trial began in 2021. She is now found guilty of the charges and sentenced to twenty-years in prison.

Elizabeth Holmes’ Shenanigans

Holmes dated Balwani when she was in Theranos. After the company failed, she began to date Billy Evans. Her career path seems to be built upon this deceit What Did Elizabeth Holmes DO . John Carreyou authored a book entitled ‘Bad Blood, Secrets and Lies In a Silicon Valley Startup’ which described her career, indictment and fallout. HBO made a documentary on this topic.

The documentary shows how Elizabeth Holmes made false promises and how her company was built on them. Overnight she became a fraudster who should be prosecuted. She was at her peak, an influencer in popular culture.

What Did Elizabeth Holmes Do? The Sentencing and Prison

Elizabeth Holmes is found guilty in fraud and conspiracy. Her sentence was unanimous and she will spend twenty years in prison. The date for her sentencing has yet to be set. She could be asked to spend less time in prison. Holmes’s life is now over and Theranos is done.


Elizabeth Holmes is one of the most important cases in American legal history. Although her sentencing is still to be decided, she has been charged with an offense which can result in a maximum sentence exceeding twenty years. What did Elizabeth Holmes Do was answered by the court. The grand jury decides how to punish her.

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