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In the world of influencer boxing, the focus is usually on the fight itself. However, an incident involving Astrid Wett, an OnlyFans boxer, has drawn attention for all the wrong reasons. Her boxing debut took a shocking turn when she was seriously injured by her rival Alexia Grace at the pre-fight confrontation.

The Incident: A Shocking Prelude to a Boxing Match

The highly-anticipated fight between Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace took place at a London gym on Saturday night. However, before the fight could officially start, a physical altercation broke out between the two social media personalities. The incident occurred during the pre-fight press conference and weigh-in, where tensions were already high between the two.

Wett had stirred the pot by pouring a drink over her opponent, Grace, and shoving her, leading to a heated confrontation. This was not the first instance of their rivalry – Alexia Grace had taken away Astrid’s OnlyFans ‘belt’ during a previous press conference hosted by KSI’s Misfits Boxing promotion.

However, the tension boiled over on the fight night. Alexia Grace tackled Astrid Wett and put her through a table, causing serious injury. Wett had to be administered oxygen and was taken to a hospital by ambulance.

Alexia Grace’s Response

After the incident, Alexia Grace took to social media to express her frustration and accused Astrid Wett’s promotional company, Wett Promotions, of instigating problems before the fight. She alleged that Wett had shoved her at a press conference when she was off guard, resulting in injuries to her hip and head.

The response from the viewers was mixed, with some speculating that the incident might have been staged for publicity while others believed it was a genuine confrontation that resulted in Wett’s injury.

Astrid Wett: The OnlyFans Boxer

Astrid Wett is a 22-year-old content creator known for her presence on OnlyFans, a subscription-based platform where she shares content with her fans. She recently made her debut as an influencer boxer at a Misfits Boxing event.

Influencer boxing has seen the rise of prominent figures like Jake Paul and KSI. However, female influencers breaking into the mainstream boxing scene have been less common, and Astrid’s entry could potentially change that. Despite the unfortunate incident at her debut match, Wett’s presence in the influencer boxing world could pave the way for more female influencers to step into the ring.

The Future of Influencer Boxing

This incident has raised concerns about the safety and organization of influencer boxing matches. While these matches are a unique blend of social media rivalries and real-life boxing, they also come with risks.

There needs to be a balance between entertainment and safety. Proper security measures and responsible event management are necessary to ensure the safety of the participants and maintain the integrity of the sport.

The incident involving Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace has added a new dimension to the ongoing debate surrounding influencer boxing. It has exposed the potential dangers and the need for better regulations in this new and rapidly evolving sphere of sports entertainment.

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