What Happened to Mallory Pugh? Know All the Details Here!

The US Women’s National Soccer Team’s star player, Mallory Swanson, recently suffered a severe injury. This article explores the details of her patellar tendon tear and the potential implications on her team and her future in the sport.

Who is Mallory Swanson?

Mallory Diane Swanson (nee Pugh), born April 29th 1998 is an accomplished American soccer player known for her striking abilities as a forward. Currently representing Chicago Red Stars of National Women’s Soccer League and USWNT respectively. Swanson has demonstrated extraordinary skills at one of the highest levels of women’s professional soccer in United States.

Achievements and Milestones

Swanson has achieved remarkable milestones early in her career, including being the youngest player in USWNT history to reach 10 career assists. Her achievements haven’t stopped there. She holds the record for the most assists in USWNT history before the age of 20, showing her vision and capacity to set her teammates up for success.

The Injury

During a friendly match against Ireland in April, Swanson suffered a significant injury, tearing her patellar tendon. This kind of injury is notorious for being serious and requiring extensive recovery and rehabilitation.

Impact on the Team

As a key player for the Chicago Red Stars and the USWNT, Swanson’s absence has been deeply felt. She is a potent forward, and her contributions on the field have been sorely missed during her recuperation.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Recovering from a patellar tendon tear can be a complex and time-consuming task, including surgical repair of an injured tendon and subsequent intensive rehabilitation programs to build strength, flexibility, range of motion, reduce future injury risks and restore functional ability in an injured knee joint.

Mental Challenges

Apart from the physical challenges, the injury has also presented Swanson with mental obstacles. As an athlete who achieved so much at a young age, dealing with such a setback and maintaining a positive mindset is crucial during the recovery process.

Mallory Swanson and the World Cup 2023

At the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Swanson will not participate, much to her fans’ dismay as her contributions had been instrumental to previous competition success. This news came as a shocker; Swanson played an essential part in team success through previous competitions thanks to her contributions.

Impact on the USWNT

Swanson will certainly be missed from this World Cup; however, her dedication, skill, and commitment will leave an imprint upon both team and sport that cannot be ignored. Her impact will certainly not fade during her absence from competition.


While Swanson’s absence is certainly felt on the USWNT, her legacy and influence remain undiminished. Fans eagerly anticipate her return, while in the meantime the USWNT continues their campaign towards victory at the 2023 Women’s World Cup with deep talent amongst its squad and an experienced coaching staff leading them. They stand a good chance of doing well and representing their nation with pride at that tournament.

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