What Happened to Zach Ertz? Get All the Details You Need Here!

Who is Zach Ertz?

Recognized as a powerhouse within the NFL realm, Zach Ertz is renowned for his tight end capabilities. Originally making waves with the Philadelphia Eagles, Ertz transitioned to the Arizona Cardinals in October 2021. This move was significant, marking the addition of a talent that could substantially influence the Cardinals’ gameplay. His credentials are further endorsed by the fantasy football community, who have come to rely on Ertz for delivering consistent results.

What Happened to Zach Ertz?

In Week 10 of the 2022 NFL season, Ertz’s career faced an unexpected jolt. He had suffered an extremely serious knee injury affecting both his ACL and MCL ligaments, prompting questions regarding the length and probability of his recovery, including whether or not he would ever return to top form.

How is Zach Ertz’s Recovery Progressing?

Recovery updates bring hope to Cardinals’ fans and teammates. Ertz, displaying his characteristic tenacity, has received full clearance to participate in all football activities. This means he’s all set for a potential Week 1 return in the 2023 season. This recovery journey reflects not only his physical capabilities but also his unwavering mental strength and commitment to the sport.

Why is Ertz’s Return Important for the Cardinals?

Ertz isn’t merely a player; he’s a strategy-enhancer for the Cardinals. With him on the field, the team can look forward to pivotal receptions and a dynamic shift in their offensive game. His past camaraderie with the coaching staff, from their shared time at Philadelphia, also holds significance. There’s an underlying strategic layer to his return, which could see him as a key trade asset, adding an element of surprise to the Cardinals’ season.

How Will Zach Ertz Impact the Upcoming NFL Season?

Ertz’s return is a beacon of optimism, not just for the Arizona Cardinals, but for the entirety of the NFL. His performance has always been closely monitored by fantasy football enthusiasts, and his comeback will undeniably stir the pot. His wealth of experience and intrinsic value to the team’s culture could potentially steer the Cardinals’ ship through the competitive NFL waters, marking a hopeful chapter in their journey.


Zach Ertz’s journey from injury to recovery is not just a story of physical rehabilitation, but also of unyielding spirit. His return is eagerly awaited by fans and professionals alike, with many keen to see how this NFL giant shapes the dynamics of the upcoming season.

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